YES!!!! the time has finally come...EXHAUST!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by ace184, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. im sure some of u have read, ive been thinkin bout gettin trua duals a lot this past week. well, I AM. im droppin my car off tuesday mornin and am pickin it up in the afternoon. the best part, its cheaper than i thought. i went w/ my mom to the boy scout shop and a guy there used to have a v6(now has the meanest soundin gt ive heard). he told me where he got his, called the place up.....and its gonna b 260(compared to 300) w/ flowmaster 40's. man i cant wait. this night is gonna go by so sllooooooooow. ill get pics up most likely wed. nite b/c i gotta travel home after i get it. can someone tell me how to post a sound clip so i can do that as well.

    sorry for the post bein so long, im just ready for this. gonna b my first mod.
  2. yeah im gunna get a sound clip of my exhaust soon, lol,
    after the 'break in miles' it sound seven better, mine sounds sooo ub3r good... lol
    i plan on stealing the mic from my comp, plugging it into my pop's VIAO laptor, going outside and getting some m34n sound clips!
  3. why is it that no mater how good your car really sounds it sounds like a rice burner when you record it? lol.
  4. crappy mics... lol
  5. joy :D I need better muffs for my car, the mac's i put on aren't loud enough hehehe :rolleyes:
  6. sweetness, i got it done today. oh does it sound good. i luv it. the flowmasters really roar when u step on it. how long will it take to break them in? pics and soundclip hopefully by thurs.
  7. people recomend like obnoxious amounts of miles, but just think, it sounds great now, and it can onoly get better, not worse... one would imagine once you put a bajilion miles on it (or rust it out completely) it will sound bad or w/e... but um... no worries here!