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  1. So how much money have you personally donated to environmentalist organizations to see that some of this pollution is cleaned up?

    I love the ignorant liberal mentallity. "War for oil is bad." "Drilling for oil is bad." But you know they will all **** and moan the second the government starts taking money from them to research alternative power sources.

    And yes, Kerry will probably bring our troops home. This will also be our way of screwing over the Iraqi people once again. Stupid people don't understand that setting up a new government is not an overnight process.
    Ask yourself this; Are we still in Germany? Are we still in Japan? When was the last time anyone whined about bringing troops home from those countries?
  2. Didn't Kerry discard (sp?) his medals at an anti-war protest way back when? A medal of honor would mean a bit more to me than a purple heart.
  3. one of my friends is stationed in germany... the other was supposed to go to iraq but i forgot what happened, lime disease or something weird that disallows him to go =/
  4. didnt most people coming home from iraq do the same thing?

    oh and '66 coupe i have 2% taken out of each paycheck to go to an environmental rehabilitation organization, every august i co-head the coastal cleanup (bunch of divers get together and clean up the beaches), and then the next weekend we go up to the spring system and clean up the creek. :owned:
  5. I don't really think I was "owned." That's why I asked first.

    BUt it still pisses me off when people preach a bunch of crap, but they do nothing. Basically the definition of politics.
  6. The boyscouts clean the beaches too and creek beds, along with prison inmates and people serving "community Service". I too clean up the local beach i frequent.
    I'm not downing your effort, but putting into perspective what your saying. You lay Decades of enviormental law on a guy whos been in office 4 years. First mistake.

    Second mistake(if your an anti resource guy?), off shore drilling. You want to live in a house that has heating and a/c. Drive the vehicle of choice...all this and more is provided by some resource.
    This leaves you 3 choices..
    A:support tapping resources worldwide
    B:Tap resources nationally
    C: move to an omish community without power,modern medicine, technology and without a hope to defend themselves against any mean people who choose to use modern weapons.

    I agree, taking care of the enviorment is important, and starts in your very front yard (for everyone). But at the same time Bush owns acres upon acres of land...hes not dumping trash, and toxic waste there, odd you classify him as out to ruin the country.
  7. i deleted this post cuz i know it would get me banned. want to konw what i think about the middle east? lemme know ill send it to you.
  8. great foresight there chris, lol,
    wouldnt want to be bannanated...
    and yes, bush has done alot of stuffs that have been kept under wraps pretty well, hasent caught alot of media attention, he does some weird things, which i dont remember anymore (environment class last year) and he gets rid of regulations for disposing and zoning type things...
    ooh, as i typed this i found the link
    How Bush Gets His Way on The Envoronmental-crap
  9. Either way guys were screwed. They're both Skull & Bones Men. So some secret society is cheering right now because either way they win.