Yes Virginia, you can run a line from your Meziere electric pump to your heater core

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  1. I had been corresponding with one of the SN Elders about doing this. He had been very kind to share his knowledge and experience with me and I would just like to say that Edbert rocks. Later, it dawned on me to contact Meziere and get the lowdown.

    I talked with Mike Meziere who told me you can send the pump back and they will tap it and fit it with a fitting on the outlet side of your choice so you can run a hose to your heater core for the bargain basement price of $30. You then run a return line to a low pressure port on your manifold. If you cannot send it back, say because you are in europe and the Euro tax nazis will hose you, Meziere will send specs and detailed instructions to you so a machine shop can do it for you. Ta da.

    Great company. I wish I could buy more stuff from them.
  2. ok why would you want an eletric pump for the heater core and then un it to the engine manifold?
  3. Not quite following you but I will attempt to answer. I got an electric water pump to cure overheating when stuck in traffic (which happens a lot here) because the mechanical pump cannot flow enough at idle to cool my engine. However, there is no provision to hook up the water pump to my heater core. You can eliminate your heater core when you live in Texas but not when you live at a parallel equal to Minnesota. The point is to be able to have an electric pump flowing 35 gph when idling AND sending hot water going to your heater core so you can defrost your windows. The return line is just to a low pressure spot on the manifold.
  4. Where are you located Jerry...just outta curiousity...
  5. just east of Amsterdamistan, right in the heart of Eurabia. Interestingly enough, I used to live in NOVA when I worked for the gubment. I lived in Lorton (no, not the prison) right near the VRE stop.
  6. Good news Jerry! Sorry I could not help more. Did they tell you how to determine which part of the coolant passage system was low pressure?
  7. You were and have been plenty of help. thanks to you, Historic, 1320, BNickel, and the rest for all your advice and comments to the questions I have asininely posted these past 2+ years. All I would have got from cornercarvers was a bunch of crap from a bunch of jerks.

    Re the low pressure port on the manifold; That I am leaving to the good folks at Edelbrock to enlighten me in due course.


  8. LOL @ Amsterdamistan. Having been there I can understand exactly what you mean. You should SEE the houses they put up in Lorton now. The prison is gone....prices through the roof.
  9. Do you have any pictures of the water pump hooked up to the heater? Thanks!
  10. No because I crashed my car before getting to it and I went for a full resto and the water pump to the heater core hook up is still to be done.

    From this

    to this


    to this


    then to this


    then the floor




    Last March, all that was left to do was the fuel and brake lines, rewire the electrical system, and hook up the water lines from the pump to the heater core. My mechanic has done zero since then and he is the only guy here to can do it.
  11. If you get the bigger 55 GPH pump, it comes with the fittings, the 35 GPH does not.
  12. can someone tell me why this is a big deal??
  13. If

    1. you live in a northern climate where you need to defrost your windows
    2. your car needs to pass a safety inspection
    3. your car cannot pass a safety inspection if it can only blow cold air in defrost mode

    then you need to be able to do this
  14. Here is how to do it. I had saved the fax meizier sent me and could not find it on my computer anymore. however, I have been able to did it up and here are the points on the pump for drilling and tapping lines from the water pump to the heater core