yes yes motor swap question

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by paintballpyro1, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I searched and skimmed over a few things but still wanted to ask. I have a 96 gt and had found a 99 gt motor with 34k for $800. I know there are certain bits and pieces that need to be swapped between motors but with the 96-98 4r70w it bolt right up to the 99 gt motor right? just wasnt sure if the 99+ autos were different. Also with the swap will the computer need to be changed? I have sniper tuning software(special force) but not sure if it allows the motor change.
  2. Direct swap and go, use 96 gt wiring harness and computer. Plus you be PI then.
  3. very easy almost direct swap. there will be a few sensors that may need to be changed but just VERY minor things
  4. yea knew about the sensors and all that but just wasnt sure about the trans and computer. Since im just buying it and storing it over winter pretty much i will be saving for a set of cams(looking at cushmans stg 1) that way i have something to look forward to for summer.
  5. While I was at it get a set of L/T's to go with those camshafts that would be a nice very nice setup.
  6. got longtubes already and gears also :D
  7. Well man cant beat that. Sounds like you got it figured out.
  8. +1 on getting long tubes to go with the cams. gears would be a nice touch too.
  9. Ok, I'm getting ready to do this very swap but with a 5 speed (98 GT). If I buy a 99-early 01 I know I can directly bolt up to the motor. But my question is, if I happen to find a newer donor car, say the late 01-04's, what kind of problems am I going to run into as far as flywheel and clutch issues/swap will I run into? I am not sure how old the clutch I have now is, but it feels great and doesn't slip during powershifts what so ever. Just trying to do this w/o having to buy alot of extra junk (like a clutch or something).

    Sorry, I'm a pushrod guy at heart here.