YES YES YES!!!!!!!!

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  1. Was it good for you?

  2. thats the color of my dads old bronco.......
  3. Funny... Doesn't look like a Blazer :shrug:
  4. cant drive over 40mph? wtf!!! haha
  5. no mixing races :nono:

    other than that its pretty badass.
  6. that ugly lol not a fan of the cross breed either...k5 blazers are bad ass and bronco 2's are pretty cool too but leave each one on there own platform....nice suiside doors what a homo:nonono: suprised it dosent have underbody lights and hydralics lol
  7. Does it come with V-tak?
  8. if it wasnt imbred that would be a bad ass ride...
  9. i thought someone was orgasming by the title ....:shrug: