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  1. My car was built on the 6th, like it was supposed to be. After it being pushed back 3 times, they finally built it. So, the waiting is over.

    It has a estimated delivery date of the 12th. So, I'ld say sometime next week it should show up. Hopefully, it'll show up on friday of next week. Cause then I'ld have all day saturday to play.

    but, knowing my luck it'll snow the car arrives and I wont be able to drive it until spring. :notnice:
  2. why'd you buy it so near winter then.. ? :shrug:
  3. Congrats man .....mine was just build also... but they gave me a later delivery date. Guess maybe because of the distance. Good luck and enjoy.
  4. When did you guys order/ how long was your wait....I'm going crazy! :bang:
  5. ordered 10-18
    built this week
    If you go look at the thread conformation # now what? .....on page 2
    I gave the telephone # and all the info you need to track your order.
  6. Ordered-9/15
    Estimated delivery--12/12

    I dont really care if it sits over the winter. Because there's really only one or 2 months KC, gets a lot of snow.
  7. Sweet I live in kc also. What dealership did are you getting yours through.I ordered mine at louisberg ford.
  8. I bought mine from Extreme Ford(135th & 169hyw). My sister was buying a 2005 Explorer. So, she talked me into buying my car there, so she'ld get a better deal from the salesman.