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    I justs scored a complete drive train out of a 63,000 mile cobra today > I've been talking to the guy for weeks now and he's been ready to do a 03/04 term swap on his car and he just bought the motor this week > he called me and asked if I still wanted it > HECK yea i want it > he sold it to me for 2000.00 :jaw::jaw: and I drove the car before we pulled the motor > it's 11:15 p.m. here as I write this > and I'm beat the motor is now in my car and I'm almost done hooking the engine harness-up tomorrow i'll do my headers and the drive shaft and then the open header fire-up get's underway :hail2: :hail2: heheheeheh :flag:
  2. What year cobra did the drivetrain come out of ?? Another '98 ? :shrug:

    Sounds like a fair price, good job.
  3. $2000 for a Cobra motor with 63k, very nice but what car did it come from?
  4. whoops sorry forgot to add that little tid-bit of info > YES it did come out of another 98 cobra ( Chrome Yellow ) which does make me sick > the car was in better shape than my own cobra !!! HE PAYED $9000 FOR THE CAR AND ONLY DROVE IT 500 MILES AND THEN SOLD ME THE DRIVE TRAIN ??? HE SAID IT WASN"T FAST ENUFF >
    I drove it and let it idle for about 5 mins and it was a deal > the guy is doing a term swap (cost him $9000 more shipped to his house) and is going to gut the car to do it >HE could have just bought a nice term for that kinda cash !!!
    I pulled the dash cluster and motor/trans in three hours > had it in the truck and payed the man :) > I couldn't believe how clean the motor and trans was you could lick it > it was that clean .> he even hooked me up with a set of BAER DECELA-ROTORS that he pulled off the car because he didn't like the way they looked ????
    the motor is in and hooked up all wiring is done > I just have to put the power steering pump on the motor and the A/C pump > and find some long tube headers and x-pipe > the headers I have won't let the smog stuff bolt on with out cutting or bending the crap out of the tubes>
    anyone want a set of PACESETTER headers? hahaha
    any way It was a very GOOD week-end for me and I even got my new throttle-body on the car > now I just have to get the [email protected] cold air intake on it and under the hood is done> I can almost see the finish line > next week-end if it's nice I'll finish putting my 3:73's in the rear > :)
  5. Pretty cool. How long has your car been sittin' and what'r you doing with your original motor?
  6. it's been sitting for almost 6 months and I'm REALLY ready to drive it > I'm so close it sucks > I can't wait
    as for the old motor I have enuff parts to build a second motor easy> I was planning on parting it out and making some of my money back > any offers? hahahahah
  7. Well EnglishTown car show/ swap meet was good to me last week-end > I DIDN'T get my headers which is what I went there looking for but I did score a Alum drive shaft and TWO spare Nitrous bottle's and the shock kit for my hood . hopefully i'll get to order my headers later this week > :|
  8. I broke down and spent the cash yesterday and ordered the BBk chrome long tube headers they should be here early next week and they'll be on as fast as i can get them on :) I can't wait to see my neigbors windows rattling . hahaha I have to start looking for a x-pipe now. > I also ordered cross-drilled vented rotors for the back and a new plate holder from ford for the front of the car as mine didn't have one on it >I'll have to borrow a second jack from some one to get the front lifted back up in the air and on the stands so I can get my fat butt under it .thank god today is my last day before a four day week-end > I need it .
  9. 3:73 gears are in > cross drilled rottors are on the front >now I need a new rear abs sensor for the rear :(
    whoops > / still waiting for my headers to come in :(
  10. Good score man, looks like it's all coming together.
  11. headers cam in Friday . I will have to wait till this week to put them on as I'm on nights and don't even want to look at the car right now. I really want to hear it open headers , but not bad enuff to stay up and work on the car after 12 hours of work >
    as I was getting ready to put the rear brake back on the car I notice the one slider for the rear was seized up and wouldn't slid like it should > does anyone know if they sell replacement rubber covers for the rear brake sliders? mine are dry rotted and torn. I might try to find new slide pin's too they look like crap.
    I am going to stop by Autozone monday morning after work to look at what they have . As for now the car is just sitting on four jack stands with all the wheels off. it looks pathetic :( I can wait to drive it .

    And to make matters worse I found the truck I want . It's a 2000 F-350 Super Duty dually turbo diesal ( red) and the guy only wants $8000.00 for it > I was going to buy a supercharger for the cobra but now i want the truck . The car might have to wait to go charged till next year . I need a tow pig to haul it back and forth to the drag strip .
  12. I got the passanger header on today > I have to pull the pan because i can't get the dip-stick out of the block >so if it's warm enuff tomorrow I should get the driver side on > and then I can check it off my list
  13. well the truck was a bust > it was really beat so thats not happening > the brake parts came in today > and the BBK x-pipe > still have to do the drive side headers hopefully it will stop raining and I can get some work done >
    I also ordered the Maximum motorsports drive shaft today > I'll throw that in after I finish the header .
    my father in law live's five house's down from me and came by after i fire it > he said was that you holy crap >> he could hear it all the way down the block . I findly got it started today I still have some work to do like finish the exhaust and put the MM caber plates on but it now close enuff for me to turn the key and hear it run