yess mustangs are great but wut about a.....

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  1. my dad just picked up a 33 model B truck, he's been talking about turning it into a rat rod. I think that he should leave it like it is and just lower it if he does that, it's in perfect rat rod condition. Otherwise he's going to do a frame off restore on it. :)
    He picked it up from an older lady for $3500 and it runs. They're out there depending on what condition you want one in.
  2. ya i wouldnt mind one of those but id raster have a little ford roadster
  3. My dad will soon be picking up a 38' Chevy that he might be selling. I wont know anything for a while though.
  4. i found the one i like and it for sale buy me i just have the money to get it and theres no way im selling to trading my mustang