yesss!won my case in court!

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  1. Just wanted to share my good outcome in traffic court with my fellow stangbangers.I was charged with reckless driving and obtructing an officer way back in june of 03.It was during one of our torrential rains we get here in Tampa Bay,and I was stopped at a red light to make a U-turn which is legal down here,and there was 2 left turn lanes,I was in the lane closest to the median waiting for my left turn arrow to turn green so I could my my turn. When I got the green arrow I did what all stick drivers do -give a little gas while releasing the clutch,but that day cause of the rain I had on a pair of flip flop sandals and half way thru the turn my left foot slipped off the clutch and I fishtailed about 30 degrees, corrected the slight spinn, and proceded to enter the drive way of the citgo gas station, I get out of the car feeling a bit embarresed when right in back of me theres a cop, who looked pissed off,he asked me for the usual stuff i.e drivers license, insurance card etc. so I try to explain what happened, how it was an accident and all, and he wouldnt here it,GO SIT IN YOUR CAR ,he says so I do ,but realized I didnt give him my proof of insurance card so I get out tap on the cruisers window and hand it to him,NOW GET BACK TO YOUR CAR he says again, I say alright, but let me explain what happened,GET THE F- BACK IN YOUR CAR he says to me,so my A/C not working at the time, I ask if it would be ok to go into the store, so he handcuffs me and arrest me for obtruction,All this took 2 minutes! The state offerd me 6 months probation, 8 hours of community service,and I told them to stick it. Requested a jury trial,helped pick the jury,and my attorney blasted that cops testimony,the jury deliberated 20 minutes and came back with not guilty on both charges.Let this go to show that just cause we drive stangs doesnt mean we are as irresponsible as some other group of drivers (fast and furious crowd).I was in no way gonna lay down for this cop,maybe now he"ll think twice before being such an insensative [email protected]#k to the public who pays his salary. I know Ive written alot, thanks for letting me rant and celebrate :spot: :flag:
  2. I wouldnt be so sure of that :lol: I had a friend get pulled over for careless driving in a parking lot, took it to court and won, then a few weeks later the same cop pulled him over at 12:55am (knew the car) for being out past the legal time which is 1:00am. Took that to court and won too, but just be careful.
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    Your one of the few that won in court. I have gone to court twice. I actully did win once but it's just becuase I lied. Since then I have cleaned up my act and I drive much better. I don't speed as much and only race if there is no one around and it's a car that is worth racing.
  4. Glad to hear it! Count yourself as one of the lucky ones. I haven't (knock on wood) run into any cops that are real big pricks around here yet. I have parties broken up at about 3 in the morning every once in a while and they are always pretty cool about things, same thing when I've been pulled over. But anyway, glad to hear that you won!
  5. legal time? whats that about
  6. How much did all this cost?

    Green94 5.0 got a ticket and court appearance because he was sitting in a car about to race. That's right the car was completely stopped and he wasn't even the driver. He was in the passenger seat.
  7. VIBRANT RED, 94 GT got a raw deal just being a passenger in a car that was stopped! Hey if you didnt do anything wrong , fight it, the police doesnt expect you to fight any tickets because its such a hassle i.e time off work, lawyers fees and the such, me? at the time was out of work,and couldnt afford a lawyer, so I filed a motion with the court to appoint me a lawyer and they did, it was cool too cause it was his first trial (he didnt tell me cause he didnt want me to be more nervous) but he kicked ass, and was more anxious about the trial then I was , when your right your right, and victory is sweet!!! :banana:
  8. :banana: Great to hear. :banana: