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  1. Found an 01 Cobra bumper for my Mach 1. Shouldve been on them stock IMO.
  2. Are you going to put the chin spoiler on the new bumper? Thats the best looking part!
  3. yeah. it came with one on it actually.
  4. i dont care for the 01 cobra fronts at all.

    i would MUCH rather have the stocker on the mach!
  5. img2217cz8.jpg

    I think its a big improvement over the stock mustang bumper
  6. I don't... At night the GT foglights are much more unique looking. Every lame truck and pathetic minivan on the road has round fogs low and outside on the bumper...
  7. looks nice
  8. Your cobra has round fogs:shrug:
  9. How did you get it on so quick?
  10. oh that looks sicknasty!!! i want one now
  11. i usually dont like them bumpers. but that looks good
  12. Indeed it does :notnice:

    Here is what it looks like coming at you in the dark:

  13. Looks nice. :nice:

    ....then again, it's hard to make a black Mach 1 look bad. ;)
  14. thats not mine. I do have a black mach though. the bumper is on the way
  15. :rlaugh: need pics when you get installed..
  16. sweet then all the ricers will think they are getting tailed by a mini van
  17. Why??? I'm guessing it will look exactly like the one above. :scratch:
  18. WOW man that looks GOOD! :drool:

    I dont care if it had pink fog lights (well maybe), it still looks AMAZING! I dont even have fogs anymore, so you could do the same if you want....although fogs always look better. But hey less weight and you can use the hole for something else, like an air duct of some sort....Like 2 holes for the brekas of course, and the other two running up to your air filter or something.
  19. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  20. Bumper looks great man! :nice: