Yesterday Dyno Run.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Creepy847, May 11, 2007.

  1. Well I slipped over to see my buddy D an was able to get another dyno run in. We looked over the engine an he gave me the green light so we made one run.. Again it was 501 RWHP.

    Now I checked the blower to see if I could find that stencil an theres nothing there. D says the car has to be port an polished an there might be afew things there we just wouldnt be able to see unless we start taking it apart.

    Considering the car is running fine an Ive dyno it at two different locations with pretty much the same results Im inclined to believe what Pat an D are saying. The chances of both dynos being off is pretty unlikely.

    Neither one of these companies is small town. These are 2 major race builders an I have to admit when I mentioned that maybe theyre dynos were off they both looked at me an said... We dyno alot more expensive cars than yours an we also do pro street so when clients come to us we give them 100% quality true results. Of course I felt like **** saying that cause Im not there to piss them off but I think they take theyre equipment personal.

    Pat says the blower has to be ported an most likey there might be afew other things done we just cant see without getting into the motor. I just dont feel like paying for anything else. And with the car running so good right now I would prefer to leave it be.

    Just wanted to say thx for the folks that posted theyre imput on what might be happening here. Hopefully the car will remain running the way it is an Ill leave it at that.

    Either way 20,000 for a 03 with 19,000 miles on it is a steal around here.

    I think Im going to leave it alone right now an enjoy the summer with it..

    Oh one more thing Bob Tasca Sr came out an said you know the car looks good lowered but that color is more for women.... He just walked away after that....

    What can I say... I think it looks pretty cool..

    Talk to you later guys..


  2. Well since you've backed up the numbers with 2 different dyno's there's not much more you can do. As long as you maintain a safe A/F ratio and don't pull any extended high speed runs your car should last a long time. Sounds like you got a great deal on a killer car.

    As far as being ported there are at least 4 different companies who offer porting for our Eaton's. Early on some of them did not stamp or mark the exterior of the blower. You may even have a home made port job for all we know. There are a few guys out there who've actually ported their own!

    Now go enjoy your car...