yesterday was bad day...

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  1. yep. i've been having all sorts of bad luck with all my cars lately.
    Last week, my TransAm blew rearend out. in NY. its at shop in NY, and guys there are bunch of a morons. they called me and told me(after 3 days of having car there), that its something in the rear end.... Like i didn't know that:nonono: they told me they don't want to open the deff cover, becuase then they may not be able to put it back(I was like WTF! Aren't you guys auto repair shop? if you think you can't put my rearend back together, then its time for you idiots to find new proffession!:mad: :bang: )..

    So who knowz whats going on with that.

    Then my Mustang got hit yeasterday...:(

    I was at the bank taking money out. then this cute girl came inside and asked "who's blue Mustang is that" I was like "its mine", then she said those nasty words... "someone just hit your car and took off!..and...."
    She was still saying something but I throw money i was counting(it wasn't that much i was taking out) on counter, and ran outside.

    sure enough, pic below is what greeted me
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    when i came to, i was sitting in bank, one of office with girl who told me, and teller, who picked up all my money, and cup of coffie front of me. I was like like wtf just happend.

    Girl told me what happened, again, and it was this time I got the girl who came in and told me, wrote down the what car hit me, what the driver look like, and lisence plate number:nice:.

    I guess when he hit the car, he stopped and look at it, which gave this girl enough time to dig for paper, and pen, and jot down number down.
    So then teller told me that they have called Police, and they are on their way.
    To make long story short, cop came, my witness stayed, told cop what she saw, and gave then the lisence plate number, she checked plate, its ligit, local guy, looked at where he was, where I was, i was legally parked. and fact he ran, with witness there, he pretty much screwed himself.
    Had he stopped and told me, it would have get his insurance company info, get police report, and his insurance premium might have gone up. but thats it.
    But because he run, and there were witness, now he is looking at leaving scean of accident, distruction of property, and few other citation(per police officer).
    Now, though they know, police would not give me who or where he is.
    I think they are afraid that i might go do drive by shooting or somethign.

    But my insurance company would. So I have few options.
    I can use my insurance company, since I have no-foult insurance, i can pay my diductable, and fix it, and my insurance company would go after his, get their money back, and also do everything they can to get my diductable.
    have my insurance go after his. explain what happened, submit police report. and let insurance company send me money.
    wait until police get back to me with his insurance info. call them myself, and slap them with estimate, and stick my open hand and say "pay up, sucker!"

    when my geo got hit by drunk driver, option 3 is what i did, and was reasonably speedy. it was drunk driving with police report. they had no reason to argue. i even got a rental car i didn't need(and i have 4 cars all together. lol) but I'm afraid that because he was not drinking this time(or might have been. who knowz), they might argue and say they have to conduct investigation or what not.

    eitherway, Mustang is gonna be off of road for a while:(
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  2. That's fugged up!

    1. Take that Trans Am somewhere different!

    2. Sounds like it could have been much worse on your car though. You have a witness who took the time to do something and write down the info. From the pics, looks like you'll need a new taillight, bumper, and maybe either a qp or some qp work.

    3. I guess I would do whatever your insurance company recommends since they'll be the ones running the show in a way. Since you do have the guys info and a police report, they should be able to get their money back from his insurance co. unless he has no insurance.

    4. That was a long ass post, don't ever do that again. Oh, how come you can't drive it. Just put a v-tec sticker over it.
  3. OH OH OH.....that neighborhood in your pics looks just like mine! Bunch of split-level houses, all the same builder, all the same houses except the colors!
  4. Get your post count up first befor you opinion other people:mad:

    But I did thought about cover it with stickers. But thats just ghey.
    I still have 2 cars i can drive. so I'm just not gonna think about it until i get more infor from police officer. i already know where i'm taking it to get it fixed, so I'll run there monday, and get an estimate.
    I'm gonna tell them NO bondo. I don't care what anyone will say. NO BONDO. they are going to replace rear quarter with NEW and FORD parts. Not some made in chine crop. So is the Bumper, and tail light.

    May be i get lucky and get hood repainted too(i have small 3 rock chips:notnice: )
  5. hit and runs should be punishable by death!
  6. that really sucks man, similar thing happened to me at the parking garage at work this week...unfortunately the jackass who hit me also ran and i have no idea who it was...sorry about the stang but im sure it will be fixed good as new and at least you dont have to worry about paying for it too...
  7. Sorry to hear bro. :( At least she isn't out of commission totally! And be thankful they didn't hit the s281!
  8. Yeah seriously. But then if he did, i would have gotten Roush spoiler to complete the rest of my car.

    You know, i would have to agree with you on this one, though, i'm against capital punishment. But since police have ID on this idiot driver, and he run from scean of accidet, I believe that is felony offence in PA. I know in NY it is

    I'm still looking for pre tinted tail light. I've seen that befor. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  9. At least the mustang is a 1 week repair, and not somthing major
  10. ya its not i guess. But i'm still going to demand rental car from their insurance co tho
  11. Yeah it doesnt look to bad, should be good as new in no time. The fact that you got a witness who wrote down the plate and came and found you was awesome! I think you owe her a big ass thank you!
  12. Who hits and a bank?? They have CAMERAS lol... Take this fool to the cleaners after the cops are done with 'im.
  13. +1
  14. thats F'd up i also believe taht its a felony to flee the scene of an accident i know in some cases here in California it is
  15. so should people that wreck with no insurance.:nono:
  16. Is English your second language? :lol:

    At least you got the plates, and hopefully you got to PIITB :).
  17. 1 thatll buff right out :nice:

    2 did you get the girls number?

    :( sorry about the car, hope it gets fixed quick. i would do option 3 and get his info and make them payup
  18. How's my post count? Learn to spell gooder...:D

    At least you caught the ass. I've had vehicles hit several times over the years and hadn't caught a bastid yet.
  19. I dont care what post count you got... I or anybody else can say whatever the hell we want:D

    With that said its not that bad, i did like the way you told the story especially this...

    I thought she loved your car.... then she drops the bomb on you, OUCH.:nonono: