yesterday was bad day...

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  1. i got hit in that part of my car about a year ago. my s281 spoiler got smoked though. damage was about $3500. The cool part about the story. He ran and he was drunk. Chevy Trailblazer. I chased him at 2am up to about 130mph. He turned into residential and ran through a dead end like it wasnt even there. I guess he was looking back or something. If, what you say is true then go option 3.
  2. That's good you had witnesses and that he had insurance & stuff. Good luck & i hope she gets on the road soon!

    My bf had a hit & run at a gas station and we got his plates and they finally found the kid. he had no insurance and nothing really happened to him. overall though my bf got a new bumper out of it...was a headache but resolved in the end but no punishment to the kid really..

    My day wasn't too great either yesterday, had to have mine towed. :( a vaccum leak somewhere but hopefully it's something easy to fix...
  3. good luck with that no bondo thought. replacing the 1/4 panel would require MORE FILLER and even more of a chance for corrosion. that is a easy fix and would not require much filler at all for a competent tech. if you replace the 1/4, you have to section it in at the c pillar and the rocker panel. these need to be finished off with filler. then you have the weld burn through. the paint on the backsides of the panels will burn off. 99% of shops do nothing about that. some shops will sand it down and spray it again, but that is VERY rare! its simply too much work for most shops. they dont go above and beyond like they should. you also have to be sure that the tech can weld good enough. i have seen many techs that cant weld very well, but they are replacing 1/4s all the time. scary stuff, IMO.

    another thing about panel replacement is that TONS of techs dont use weld-thru primer in the weld areas. this means you have bare metal near the welds. this is just rust waiting to happen. not good.

    if i were you, i would think twice about the no filler idea. BONDO gave the industry a bad name. if filler is properly used, then ther should be no problems, and in your case, would be far more beneficial.

    also, do you really want someone taking apart half of your car to replace the 1/4? its that many more things to go wrong, break, squeek, get scratched, etc.

    i know you want to fele like you are getting your moneys worth out of this guy, but padding a few extra hours into the 1/4 repair time would be better than trying to get a new 1/4.

    either way, good luck with the battle. after you find out who this guy is, pay him a visit. :D
  4. That sux mang, I really like your car too, hopefully things will work out for ya.
  5. When I was hit at a light 3 weeks after having my entire car redone and painted I had my insurance go through hers.

    No way in hell was I going to pay for her inability to stop. I got the check 4 days later.
  6. I'm not sure what the best thing to do is.
    My car was perfect in everyway. Now I have this dent on it. Now granted, it could have been worse. Alot worse. At least i was lucked out that there were witness who was nice enough to write down the number of asswipe. and even if for some reason, i was unable to fix her with his money(i.e. No insurance. Happens more often then you think), at least with witness and police report, it'll be fixed under my no-foult insurance, and my premium won't go up(i'm out of my diductable tho), and take this asswipe to court and take everything he have(if any).
    But the fact remains that the my pride and joy is now banged up.

    I can't change that fact that now.

    Now that i had time to look at it today, I think dmg is little more then skin deep. Now i see that trunk lid is no longer lined up on passenger side. Lid is pushed up about 1/8 of an inch from top of passenger side rear 1/4, panel. And bottom of lid - under where my "GT" badge is - is about 1/16 of an inch tighter then other side where my "Ford" embrem is. And driver side door is not shutting evenly anymore. Girl said that when asswipe hit it, it pushed car few inches. So i think impact was little more then what i originaly thought. and there are more gap between driver side C-piller panel to glass then there is on passenger side..

    Of all repair job i've got done in the past, no matter how good it seem, few years later, something always show up-might be something as miner as paint peeling, or scuff line on filler from ****ty filler mix, to something bad as rusting from inside. It never fails.
    I'm just really really bummed out about this whole thing...
    Infact, I'm soo bummed out, I'm thinking after repairing it, just get rid of it, and get something else Mach1, Cobra, whatever that is vergin.....
  7. That really sucks. I know what it feels like you get your car messed up. Someone through a landscaping rock/boulder through my window to get my stereo.

    However you are lucky man. In kansas parking lots are no fault. If that happend here and you called the police they would say "sorry, there is nothing we can do". If the guy DID stop, its 50/50 fault.
  8. Damn, thats sucks... No wonder you Kansas boys pack six shooter still...

    Or was that Texas?
  9. Wheres pics of the cute girl? And why didn't you get her phone number?... you know to call incase um something came up....
  10. i got her name and place of emploiment. I can easily find her..
  11. got estimate today. From Ford that painted my mirror and Roush kit. They did an excellent job of matching paint - right down to way OEM paint's orage peel.
    Grand total of $1749.

    this is including new side scoop(it broke tab with shock of impact appearently. They picked out. i didn't know). I wouldn't replace it with another OEM one. I would get Saleen side gills instead. Also included in estimate is new rear bumper cover, and repair 1/4 panel. They did tell me althought they are giving me the estimate with repair on 1/4, and new bumper cover, because of complex multi anguler arear where dmg is located, they aren't sure if they can bang it out to perfection. if thats the case, they'll have to use filler, unless insurance co authorize replacement panel. and same thing with urathen bumper cover. its really hard to repair deformed urathen bumper cover I guess. so they did estimate with replacement. But who knowz what the insurance co would say


    I'm taking it to another place tomorrow. This is place specialize in restoreing classic car. they are really experienced in matching body seam to obsolute perfection, as well as banging metal back to shape with very very miner use(if any) of filler.
    Classic car guys generally hate using filler unless really really needed.
    They are also really careful of their work(as some of their car that they restored have been big show winner), and owner's best friend is my drinking buddy. So will see what they'll say.

    And noting from Cop yet
  12. Well Mity.. not to sound like a jerk or anything, but after working in a body shop for over a year, I saw a LOT of mustangs come in for damage similar to this.

    They would NOT put bondo/body filler on it or beat it out.. They would just cut the quarter panel and pillar off and put/weld a new one back on and replace everything.. If it was something like that and the customer was paying, then they gave them the option.. but if insurance was paying, then we would replace instead of repair.

    I wouldn't let anyone put body filler in a body line or try to beat it out, it will never be the same.

    The body shop I worked at wasn't a little shop either, it was the biggest in the county and the owner had some of the nicest restored vehicles in Arkansas.. he even had a guy bring a '67 sting-ray split-rear-window 'Vette in for a complete restoration and it looked brand new when we got done..

    But the point of this post.. don't settle for body filler or a repair.. make those bastards replace the intire quarter panel from the door sill up to the pillar (where it meets the roof) and then back down to where the quarter panel meets the inner trunk area. Pretty much an entire new quarter panel and pillar along the body seams to eliminate nasty body filler or beating it out (which will require bondo/body filler as well).. new panel, same body seams, new parts.. you can usually never even tell.. and that way you won't have to worry about rust or body filler messing up or paint cracking off if it was done right :nice:
  13. thats just it. This panel, infact, pretty much entire driver side, was replaced once befor by someone(befor i got the car). Befor i bought the car, I took the car to 3 different bodyshop to see if it was in any accident. No shop were able to tell me that car was in wreck. and they looked. they had car up in air, people clowring under the car, peeling back the carpet. thats how good the replacement job was. Only reason why i know, is because I had interior gutted once to run wires for the radio, and you can see around C-piller area where they strighten metal, and quality if spot weld is different from left side to right side. Driver side is little less uniformed then spot weld done by robot at the factory on passenger side.
    and inside of driver side door was dead give away. Inside of door is red.

    And I'm petriffid of rust(must be comming from owning few late 80's Toyota Sports cars... rust were like standard equipment for those cars:nonono: ), and am stressing that to bodyshop. Anything that'll induce rust is no good with me
  14. Man dude, that sucks :( . But absolutly no reason to not drive your car....thats nothing. :shrug:

    Id drive it....unless you can get them to give you a GT-H from hertz to drive for free :D
  15. Dang.. Well, I would try to find the body shop that did that to your car before and get ahold of them.. however, the person that did the work on your car may not work there anymore.. Then that would create a different problem in itself..

    But anywho.. Try to find some bodyshop that will replace the entire panel without any questions.. not just a section of it, all of it. I'm sure it will be fine after they fix it, but make sure they have a lifetime warranty on all their work.. I know I will only take my car to the shop I used to work at because of the warranty, and they honor it too.. But that's another thing I would check on, the warranty.

    I hope everything turns out well for you Mity.. But keep me posted on how the situation progresses and everything. Good luck man! :nice:
  16. You know, i never thought of that. I have to look in to that.
  17. I don't mean to sound rude, but SN sure needs a spell check function :(
  18. that would be nice as I suck at spelling..
  19. Firefox 2 Beta 1 has built in spellcheck if you're feeling brave..

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