yesterday was bad day...

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  1. well, then don't read it man. I didn't ask you to:shrug:

    I was kidding you know?
  2. brain is shot....had to go back to work this week after being off for 2 months.
  3. looks like you didnt read my post....
  4. i got another estimate. this one came up little more then othe estimate at $1907

    But only thing that i can see that is different on this one is that they added some laber and parts fee for corrosion protection, which was missing from other estimate. U would thing if they repair metal, corrosion protection would be standard, but i guess not.

  5. Just make sure where ever you take it has a good history of this stuff.. I would hate to see your car get back to you all jacked up :(

    Sorry bigcat, I didn't see your post.. But I did post on my experience from working at a body shop for a little over a year, but no 2 body shops are the same.. So I agree with you on your post, but with my post as well.. Just a tough one to call, you never know who is going to fix your car and what experience they have
  6. corrosion protection is not an automatic operation. some companies do worry about getting paid for it, and some dont even do it. you need to protect the inside of the repair from corrosion as well as the outside of it. many shops wont even take the time to apply corrosion protection at all. :(
  7. Well. Officer Lamb just stopped by to hand me other guys info. Guy from Huntington, PA.
    Guess after several day of refusing to cooperate with Officer Lamb, he finaly admitted that he ran.
    there were citation issued(Leaving from scean of accident, distruction of property, operation of unsafe vihecle. Guess for him giving officer hard time, officer gave him ticket for driving without tail light after accident from StateCollege to Huntington). I guess leaving scean of accident involving unnocupied car is not felony. But with all 4 tickets, hit total points went over 11. He lost his lisence, and got fined something like $900.

    So i can now call his insurance and get my car fixed finally
  8. That's good to hear Mity!! I hope everything turns out with your car getting fixed! I'm sure it will tho :nice:
  9. i'm gonna replace cheap fake side vent with Saleen one. where is the quickest place to get it from?
    I didn't have good luck with Speedworx befor...
  10. If the girl has the plate number and she gave it to you, meaning you know what it is, you can go down to the DMV and purchase the information for that plate.

    Driving record

    I think it is worth the $20-$40 it will cost you. :nice:

    Or if you have a friend or family member in the PD you can get it for free! :banana: