Yesterday was my birthday... looky wat I got (pics soon)

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  1. Ok well yesterday I turned 18. On the list of things I got was a black carpet, Summit seats and 250$. So far I have already spent money on a new clutch cable and water pump.

    I got my interior idea from 89Sleeper (now 04Sleeper), gray console (cleaned up) and black carpet and seats. Its nearly done, just minor things, Ill have Pics ASAP. Word to the wise: Summit seats install: each seat needs 2 new holes drilled, and some serious upper body strength lol. they were definitely a PITA but WELL worth it. I also robbed the single 12" idea from Bottlefed92, and that will be done very soon (my buddy messed up his hip 2 weeks ago so not much work has been done).

    For graduation Im paiting the car. But I dont have a decent budget for that, so it looks like Maaco or Earl Scheib, but I wanted the guy that did StProRolla's car, but I just dont have that much.

    All in all its been a good week, Hopefully Ill have Pics SOON.
  2. sounds sick joe!! get pics of the seats installed!:nice:
  3. Sound sgood man. As for the paint I believe Mansonozz's car wa spainted by MAACO and look how awesome it is.