Yesterday's Project

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  1. I really need to start a build thread lol... Anyway, I ordered a corbeau harness bar and i got to put it in yesterday during a clear break in weather... i only got one harness installed because it started pouring in the middle of doing so.. it was sunny for a minute today so i took some pics... tell me what you think

    oh is there anyway these things can help with stiffining the car up at all :shrug:


    it was a pretty easy install... the only problem i had was that i had to bore out one of the spacers it came with cause it wouldn't fit over the bold it needed to go over.. no big deal.. thank god for the dremel lol
  2. lookin good...and no serial killer pics!!

    every time i see those seats i miss the ones i used to have in my 04 GT. i think they were much more comfy than the crappy leather that ford used on the rest of the mustangs (01-04 cobras excluded)
  3. I second the seats, my leathers aren't all that great, but they are ok.

    I like that bar, where did you get it and harnesses from?
  4. Posted via Mobile Device i love these seats too lol.. corbeau microsueds will be replacing them soon though.. thanks guys.. i got the harness off ebay and the bar from i gotta warn you though, if your billing and shipping addresses are different find another company to order from..mine are different and it took me a week long hassle just to get it shipped..i heard of a place called BMC that sells them too..oh i took the car out today and i does feel a little stiffer but that may be because i havnt drove it since october and im not used to it or its all in my head...or maybe it actually is stiffer now :shrug:
  5. very nice looks awesome:nice:
  6. Damn that looks good dude. Very nice. When you starting the s/c install?
  7. Posted via Mobile Device thanks! the headers and prochamber are going on this weekend and ive been pulling doubles at work to get the money up for the rest of the fuels system for the s/c.. so if i dont get layed off this week then ill be purchasing the fuel componants and ill be starting on it when that package arrives... so end of februaryish :nice: