yesterdays track results. :notnice:

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  1. Yesterday at Toronto Motorsports Park the best I could muster were 13.8's.

    Is St Thomas faster track than TMP or what ? Last year I pulled 13.6's at 104.6 MPH with 2.2 60 ft's and that was when I was running rich, no pullies, no aftermarket shifter and no tune.
    Yesterday I was running basically 2.2 60 ft's a couple were in the 2.1xx range, but my mph were 102.xx, not even 103 mph. Since St Thomas last year I've added pullies, shifter and a custom dyno tune. I have more hp and torque but my times sure didn't reflect it.
    Someone mentioned to me that the barometric pressure was rising all day yesterday and that the air wasn't great for racing but it beats me. Perhaps it's just operator negligence on my part and I can't drive the damn car. I never powershift either but with the power I'm putting down and the weight of my car I should see better trap speeds or so I would think. I guess 355 gears don't help much but still, I should see better traps.

    Anyway I only got about 4 runs in, but the 1st run I beat a 400 rwhp LS1 Camaro SS. He miss shifted 2nd so that worked out :) Everytime I lined up against this Camaro I'd take him from the line, but he would reel me in by the time we hit the trap. His traps were in the 110 range and he wasn't happy either since his heads and cam. He said he was trapping 109 mph stock, so he's a little upset to say the least.
  2. least you went :(

    And as far as the LS1, assuming the mods are true, just makes you realize the success of Paul (KillerCanary) with his car and times. These guys with so much power dont know how to use it.

  3. I'm familiar with this fellow that owns the Camaro, and I followed through on all his info as he did the heads and cam. He's definitely making close to 400 rwhp (396'ish). He has 342 gears which are suppose to be the perfect gears for his setup.
    I only raced him twice and like I mentioned he missed 2nd on the 1st run and I won by a hair. Both runs I really got the jump on him off the line though. He reeled me in by the time the trap came though. It was still close though, even on the run he didn't miss shift. He did finally land up pulling a 12.95 at around 112 mph on street tires, but he still isn't happy. His ET's and mph were much better than mine on both our races even though I won 1. I was really happy after getting my timeslip after the 1st run because I saw a 107 mph trap speed. That was when I realized I was looking at his trap speed. Mine were all 102.8 ish. Itt was a fairly hot day yesterday but I don't know what to think about my car.
    Maybe I'll say screw it, and not worry about trap speeds and ET's anymore and just enjoy the car.
  4. I'd be pretty pissed with a 12.95 with his car and setup, even with street tires. A 400+ hp car like his should be low 12's or high 11's, albeit with a good driver and DR's or ET Streets.

    You have a pretty nice setup and good power numbers for just bolt ons. You have a lot to aim for with that setup.

  5. Do you consider heads, cam and intake as bolt-ons? I've always considered things like CAI, pullies, perhaps intake as bolt-ons, but once you touch oil I considered it to be internal engine work. I can't understand why my trap speeds were so low.
    I guess if I look at it as an improvement at this particular track then I gained about 2-3 tenths and 2 mph trap speeds but that still doesn't seem like enough for what I've done to the car since.
    It was a very warm day though and the barometer was dropping all day if that means much.

    Yes he was quite upset. Another fellow I know with a 98 T/A ls1 just did heads and cam as well and a couple of weeks ago his best was a 12.8xx and he's also putting around the 400 rwhp down.
  6. I guess it's debatable, but I myself consider intakes a 'bolt-on'. Heads-eh, cam-no.

    Everyone I guess has their own opinion.

  7. Here is a bit of info. Your car on a hot and humid summer day will run considerably slower then on a nice cool and dry day. My coupe would run anywhere from 1 to 3 tenths slower in the summer then it did the winter. I remember my best motor time on my coupe with stock heads, cam, injectors and rockers but alot of other bolt ons including an out of the box edelbrock performer intake ran a one time best of 8.1 in the 1/8th and ran consistent 8.2s in the winter. I bolted on a set of used GT40 irons (with a mild port), E-Cam, 1.72 RRs and 24lb injectors the next summer and only dropped to a low 7.9 in the 1/8th. I was a little disappointed and took the car down shortly after but considering the fact that the car always ran 1-3 tenths faster in cool/cold weather then the summer heat I guess it was probably to be expected.

    If you want to make a good comparison, log down the temp., humidity and track conditions etc.

    I wouldn't worry too much, all the different variables can make an extreme difference in your ETs and MPH.
  8. Thanks for the info.

    I suppose one way to really know would be to go to St Thomas dragway where I achieved my best times last year and try it at the same time of year when the air is dry to see what my times are like there. It was late August so there was little humidity and the cool fall morning temperatures were becoming more apparent.

    It is true that the temperature and air can make 3 tenths of a second difference on ET's and trap speeds differ as well. I've seen it on other peoples cars. I suppose I just saw it on my car too, but even with more hp, torque and a tune I figure I'd at least pull the same times as my best last year.

    Also, someone mentioned to me that TMP was higher above sea level than St Thomas. If that's true I would think it's marginal.
  9. I dont care how hot it was. 102 MPH with 300rwhp is just bad. I think we need to look at the driver in this case. Maybe you should try pulling your sway bar :)
  10. This was my best run :

    R/T .177
    60' 2.209
    330 5.938
    1/8 9.021
    MPH 81.10
    1000 11.622
    1/4 13.822
    MPH 102.83

    I should be trapping at LEAST 107 mph

    Maybe I should try a few runs at St Thomas Dragway to see what happens. It was a warm day and I know warm air with a falling barometer can easily make 3 tenths of a diff on the ET and slow down trap speeds as well.
    I just can't figure out going 104.6x with 13.6 ET's at St Thomas on an untuned car with less hp and torque but doing these times at TMP with more hp and torque, pullies and a custom dyno tuned chip. I also now have an aftermarket shifter so I didn't miss shift once yestreday like I did on occasion with the stock shifter. I only made 4 runs and I know my last run was the fastest probably hitting 103 mph (BIG DEAL) but I red lighted so it didn't show me my ET and trap speed. I was running beside a 9 second car so I wanted to get the jump on him like it mattered.

    Perhaps you're right and I'm just a terrible driver.
  11. Saturday and Sunday were event days for the OCSA. I was just speaking to one of the competitors and he said the air was bad on Saturday. He also mentioned he gained 2-3 mph on his trap speeds on the Sunday. He ran and won the 12.90 bracket. I noticed his ET's were down on Saturday as well.

    That makes me feel a little better but not much.
  12. I was running [email protected] with stock heads, cam, TB and MAF. Something is wrong. Get some traction and practice driving. If you can get some more gear and a better cam.

  13. We all know the driver is a huge factor with ETs and MPHs. We all also know, traction is another huge factor. All the power in the world will do you no good if you can't get it to the ground. With this being said and if mto502 hasn't gotten better or worse in his driving abilities then to explain the difference in ETs and MPH we would have to look at the conditions as well as one tracks trap speed compared to anothers. Speaking of which, my local track (such as it is :rolleyes: ) will give me a faster trap speed in one lane compared to the other. :notnice: Both trap speeds are slightly faster then the next closest track. You would think, being a sactioned track would mean that it falls directly in line with all other tracks but I guess it is impossible with elevation and all the other factors as well.

    Now as far as his MPH being low, lets take into consideration the temp, humidity, elevation and track condition. For the sake of argument he ran a 102.8mph. (almost a 103) Just say he should have gotten at best a low 105 mph with good elevation, temp and humidity. (thats like 2.3 mph gain at least) Next, I am not sure what mto502s car weighs. Weight has a bit to play in mph as well. The list goes on and I guess we could sit here and bench race his car all day to get it to run as slow or as fast as we think it should run, but the best way is to Log everybit of info you can at the track, do a proper cool down, run slicks, launch hard and shift fast and consistently at the right rpm for his combo.