yesterdays work day: the good, the bad

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 65fastback2+2, May 14, 2004.

  1. Yesterday ronstang came over and helped me switch out the rear gears. Turns out it had a 4.11 spool in it. No wonder the thing drove like a tank. So we threw in a 3.00 open. Now it actually spins the tires lol, and doesnt drag like a beat dog in a turn. Thats the good, the bad was, he says i should redo the whole rear traction bar/shock setup cuz he said its done real cheap and junky and, u guessed it, incorrectly. We checked the carb, timing, and vacuum, all checked good which I was pleased about. Need new front end bushings ron suggested, so gonna order those when i get a paycheck (hopefully today) The bad, the carb is a holley 2brrl. But im happy i can drive it now and not have to drag a gas tank behind me. Anyhow, if u ever have questions and ronstang answers u, listen, this guy KNOWS his stuff, trust me.
  2. i can second that. ron is very knowledgable and he helps me out almost every day with my car.

  3. When can he come over to my house? I have lots of work on my GTA to do and plenty of cold beer in the fridge. :D
  4. I'm in Texas so I have a limited reach, you adults can do your own work or pay :D ....I think it is important to help the young kids get started in the hobby so I am always willing to help them when I have the time, and I think this is a great hobby for kids especially since it keeps them out of trouble for the most part since they don't have enough $$$ for car parts and the unmentionables. Over the years all the kids I have helped have all been good kids and the ones that are grown now are good adults. This is a very positive hobby in my opinion.
  5. Well said. It is actually one of my reasons for getting back into car restoration/building... so my son and I can have some time together and give him something other than tv/computer/video games to do. There's no replacement for displacement.