Yet anohter 05 test drive

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  1. Yet another 05 test drive

    I have been a lontime viewer, but seldom a poster. But felt this was worth it.

    Finally had a chance to see and DRIVE my first 05 GT. It was a Torchfire Red one that was just coming off the trailer. I was even able to check the oil and other vitals before the service DEPT!! :nice: Only hoping to maybe Dirve in a circle around the lot, the salesman threw me the keys and pointed to the rear exit from the lot :D :D . So with 13.8 miles on the clock I was off.
    The roads were wet, and I did not want to tear up what will be someone elses prized ride, so I was relatively gentle.
    First thing I noticed was how surprisingly light the clutch was. Amazingly easy to modulate, but still has the nice "breakover" feel. Next was the available traction. I could accelerate with a lot more authority then I ever could in a fox body. Dry roads would be a blast. The acceleration was good, but not great. But again I didn't take it to redline or powershift. I would say on par with a 5.0 with some bolt ons and gears. Just the power is so much more useable. next was the gearbox. There is no more hunting for third. It is where it should be.
    Now the good part, the chassis. The steering response in this thing is almost telepathic compared to a fox. My friend has a 93 notch with a steeda suspension package and it doesn't even come close. The car really is point and shoot. Rough roads are not "rough" any more either. Nice quiet civil ride. Even modest cornering results in huge differances over the previous generation. I have test driven an 03 cobra, and quite frankly unless you are racing around corners over bridge abutments, I think the 05 will take the Cobra, not counting the 90 hp advantage of the latter. I am almost giddy thinking of the potential of an 05 chassis, and what a few aftermarket parts will do for it. Firends, the handling of the 05 is not hype, it is the real thing. the Potential- :D . The brakes stop effectively, but not exactly brick wall binders. However the nose dive of the previous generation is nearly gone.
    This particular one had the Shaker 1000 stereo, and while my Hotel California sounded good, I think I would save the money and get a good aftermarket with NAV/DVD like the Avic-N1. Probably my biggest compalint is the center console. While the shifter was well placed for me, I am 6' tall, and my elbow was resting on the edge of the console lid, and just not quite comfortable. Wah.
    Having driven many a stang, including the 03 Cobra, I WILL get an 05 as soon as they are not charging 31,000 for a GT. The Cobra will no doubt hold its resale better, and has a stronger motor, I am not buying a mustang planning to sell it. I am planning to keep it for many years, and enjoy it as much as I can in many different situations, be it cruising, road racing, drags, or a solo trip in the country. Besides, adding a few ponies to the GT after the warranty will be whole lot easier than adding a new chassis to the bandaged fox platform. Even if it is a Cobra :nice:
  2. Nice report, thanks.
  3. Very Very true. Only the people that have been in a 05 will relize this