yet another convertible question...

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  1. is any chance of seeing an actual photo of the new convertible BEFORE the current '04's are gone?

    I'd hate miss the great deals on a current Mustang if it turns out I'm not thrilled with the new style 'vert...(I'm a little afraid it'll turn out to be proportioned more like the Sebring than the current Mustang, you know, kinda long in back...)
  2. I expect to see Ford to start unveiling the convertible late September... Asof now, I have only seen test mule pictures of the vert. I, too, am a vert person and am anxiously awaiting the pics...
  3. Here's one of the few mule vert photos available.

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  4. yikes...that looks like what I was afraid of...the straight 'line' from side mirror to the end of the car looks way too long...(I know it's pretty darn anal of me, but what ya gunna do...)

    here's a picture of my car in a similar angle to compare:

    looks to me like the '05 could use a little 'kick up' in the trunk line, like the 64-68's had...

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  5. if i were going to buy a vert i would buy an 04 i think they look way better then the 05 verts good thing i went ahead and got the hardtop
  6. Remember: the test mules used the tops from the SN95 Mustang and retro fitted them. On the mules, the top itself wasn't so important as measuring chassis flex, vibrations and other major structural stuff that needs to be fixed structurally. The top is inconsequential at that point of testing.

    I've seen some better pics of the vert test mule where it looks like they literally sawsalled the opening for the top and just stuck rubber trim on the edges to prevent people or the top getting cut.

    We just have to wait until we see some later prototypes before judging the top. I doubt it will be the SN95 top on the S197 Stang, and the test mule definitely has the SN95 Top.
  7. Not to mention that it's going to be a MUCH better car. Besides, I like the way it looks.
  8. Here ya go:


  9. now those pics look badass
  10. Those photoshops looks terrible...
  11. I can't vouch for the gray one but the blue one is only mildly photoshopped, mainly to change the camo pattern to blue. Here's the original:


    I didn't do them BTW. I found them on another site. Here's the link:
  12. Sorry wasnt busting you out just saying is that you posted them for us though thanks
  13. I knew you weren't. I was just clarifying where they came from.
  14. i never did get why they make the cars look likie a jungle animal when they are trying to disguise them lol
  15. You mean thats not a color options??? $
  16. Thanks for posting those. The vert looks great. It'll look even better with the top down. :nice:
  17. I can live with a less-than-perfect look with the top up as long as it looks cool with the top down. That is how you'll see me any day the temp is above 60 degreees and there is no rain...
  18. Vanilla Hood?

    D'you suppose there's any chance of the 2005 production droptop being rolled out with the same hood as the concept 'vert? From the few shots of the mule the answer is probably, "No."

    That would suck. I can understand dropping minor styling cues from the pre-production model, but for the 'vert, skipping the dip-scoops would be lame. I would hope that Ford's pony marketeers would know better.
  19. They won't use a differet hood for the verts. Too costly. However, Ford isn't deaf, they hear what we say. It just takes time for the corporate gears to turn, not to mention money and R&D. I'd bet my bottom dollar that the 2007 update (which seems they update every model after 2 years with new styling cues) will have a different hood. The SE and the SVT will for sure as well. I say SVT, because there is a good chance the Cobra name will be dropped and used for the Shelby Cobra, which, as of today, looks like it will go into production. The deciding factor is the success or failure of the Ford GT