Yet another decision to make....

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  1. With a $2500 budget I am debating which route to take....
    '93 stock notch

    1-complete suspension overhaul
    2-top engine overhaul (heads, intake, cam, injectors...etc)
    3-vortech kit on my stock motor

    All of these options are within my budget, just trying to figure which way to go.
  2. One thread would have sufficed. I'd be willing to bet a mod will see these and merge them anyway.

    FWIW, I choose aftermarket H/C/I over a power adder on a stock engine pretty much any day of the week. Some people are just the opposite, though. To me, there is more pride in a 300rwhp engine that you built yourself over a 350rwhp stock engine with a supercharger, even though the 'charged car is probably faster. It all comes down to what is important to you.

    Of course, you could do a little more research, maybe spend a little more money, and have a N/A H/C/I 302 that makes 350rwhp...
  3. How many miles are on the car?
  4. 90,000
  5. I'd personally do the suspension first, especially if that 90k 5.0 runs well currently. You could have a really decent suspension setup with some cash leftover out of that $2500 as well.
  6. So would you go drag type suspension or an on-road type set up?
  7. I'd also do suspension first, it will give you a good foundation for more power. Actually that's what I'm doing right now. When I bought my car last year with 69,000 miles, I fixed things that needed adressed, bought new tires/wheels, and now I'm piecing together suspension so I have a good foundation when I do H/C/I later on.
  8. IMO I would do it like this:

    3-Suspension last on the list of upgrades
  9. HCI cars make roughly 290-300 and so do superchargers on stock motors. I personally love the whine of an S-trim. I like the thumpy cam sound as well, but too aggressive of a cam will give you idle problems. I would pick going fast first. I'm not sayin ignore your suspenion, make sure that everything is safe, but if stock parts are still in good working condition, then they will be capable of handling a 290-300rwhp fox.
  10. I'd go suspension refresh, 4 wheel disc SN95 swap, and Junkyard GT40 for the motor. That's my plans for my car. Should provide a nice sound foundation to build on.
  11. i like the top end kit because you can upgrade parts of your suspension as your cash lets you and once the top end kit is on your next big purchase could be a blower that would work much better with a good set of heads instead of the restrictive stock junk.
  12. H/C/I First
  13. If it were me I would do..


    Suspsension to give you the traction
    H/C/I to have a good foundation motor
    Then the SC to put all the before upgrades to good use :)
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  15. Street handling or as a lot of the parts are likely made for that you'd purchase, handling/cornering. Besides wanting to first get my 93 prepped for new paint I'd be looking to do these following things, so if bodywork/paint is not on your list and there are no other glaring issues to fix I'd do:

    1. Subframe connectors
    2. Upper/Lower rear control arms w/poly bushings
    3. Lowering springs/struts
    4. Poly bushing in other places (sway bars, end links, etc.)
    5. Wheels/tires

    Check out maximummotorsports for quality suspension pieces.

    Then I'd next look to the brakes probably before even getting into the motor.
  16. Suspension w/brakes 1st! Make it handle and stop, then make it go fast. I did it backwards, like everybody else, but it was a stupid decision, that I regret.
  17. We still haven't heard from the OP on what he plans to to do with the car, with out that its hard to comment.

    For me it was a no brainer; I put new springs, shocks-struts, bushings and caster/camber plates right off the bat. Those few things will dramaticly improve the handling and not break the bank.
  18. Why stop? I had a friend of mine have a HCI & a T-trim blower making 514RWHP with a 302 block. He had 99-04 calipers and drum rear brakes. LOL. Just make sure you're not an idiot in traffic and only get on it on an open road where nobody can pull out in front of you.
  19. What combo of parts did you use? Bullit springs? Konis? Poly or stock rubber bushings?