Yet another Ebay Disaster.

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  1. WOW!!! what a mega douchebag lol. :rlaugh: i love the "custom blower" :nice:
  2. $40,000 beater car so my GT can stay out of the cold.
  3. he took one of the ugliest mustangs and made it a bigger piece of ****!

    That is ****ing hideous! That thing is only worth 1/10th of that and thats if it didnt have that ghey fake bird catcher on the hood. What an idiot! I just cant believe someone would think its worth that. No insurance company would cover that for $35000. Not a chance in hell. And if they did then he better just set that thing on fire. What an ass!
  5. Wow - I hope his listing gets removed. That "customer blower" is probably taped onto the hood. It's a high-rise intake with non functional butterfly valves. This guy is only fooling himself (and the insurance company) and there is no way in hell it has 13k miles on it - maybe 113 or 213. I would bet that it's not a numbers matching car either.
  6. Those are some sweet wheels....... and new tires.........
  7. Grande for HUUGE P.O.S.

    He forgot to mention the mad tyte vinyl top.

    If he's firm on the price, why Ebay? Just put it on Craigslist every 5 minutes, then maybe he'll make one of Craig's Hilarious "Top..." Lists.

    Or hell, how about Barrett Jackson? Those guys will bid on anything...
  8. He mentions that there is a new top :shrug:

    He also has "Custom engine suspension" :scratch:
  9. At Barrett Jackson they would bid to get that thing sent to the demo-yard. That thing is the biggest ripoff I've ever seen. I was tempted to message the seller about false advertisement - as the car does not have a blower.
  10. that custom blower and custom paint reminded me of something.................................................:puke::puke::puke::puke:
  11. looks like joe dirt's car to me
  12. Gate Guard: "I got a name for that car. How about Rusty."

    Joe Dirt: "*****'ll buff out."

    I too, am wondering about the "custom engine suspension." If I were that engine, I would have grenaded myself a long time ago, rather than cruise around all Friday and Saturday night with that guy looking for a date.
  13. Joe Dirt is one of the greatest movies of all time. Also - don't forget - he has a crappy superbird, which is still a super nice and very expensive car even in it's crappy condition. He also buys that classic Plymouth GTX - with a hemi - which is an awesome car!
    "Life's a garden, dig it" - Joe Dirt
  14. 71-73 Mustangs are the worst mustang body style ever. Even the Pinto-ish looking Mustang II looks better than a 71-73 Mustang Grande, & that person made the car look even worse...
  15. So, I emailed the guy and all I said was; "You can't be serious about the price?"

    This is what I got back. What follows is a copy and paste of his email. "go f**k your mother j*ck*ff retard, go learn how to read, it says: "DO NOT GIVE YOUR OPINIONS OR LOWER OFFERS" j*ck @$$ f*gg*t.

    Needless to say, I reported him.
  16. I really like the Grande Mach1's