Yet another Ebay Disaster.

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  1. Wow, he sounds friendly. :notnice:
    Thats all I needed to hear. I am gonna go majorly screw with him now. Ill let you guys know how it turns out :nice:
  2. The email I just sent:
    "I saw your beautiful car there and was seriously thinking about it. I do have a couple questions though. What kind of wheels are they? They look like race car wheels! Also I see the blower on the hood but how does it hook to the engine? Also how much boost does it have? $40,000 is a little out of budget. Would you entertain a lower offer? My Cobra just isnt cutting it for me anymore and need something with some real power. I was thinking if you wanted I could give you my 03 Cobra with alot of stuff on it and another $12000 cash? I am getting my second frontal labotomy tomorrow so it should work out fine."

    :D After I got him hooked I will reel him in :nice: :rlaugh:
    I cant wait to see his response! :banana:
  3. i think you might have had him up until the lobotomy part. either way, that's some funny chit
  4. I would bet money that's a 302 in there. I have several windsor's and 302's, it's very easy for me to eyeball the width of the intake to tell. I would put money on it.

    So he's falsely advertising the engine also.
  5. I figured I needed to throw that in there as he has to be aware that the only person that would purchase that thing has to be wee todd ted. :D
  6. Wow if that is $40,000 then there must be something wrong with this one :rolleyes:.

    1973 MACH 1 H CODE
  7. HEY! He replied! OMFGWTFBBQ!!! :rlaugh:
    The dude is we-todd-ted :rlaugh: This is what he said to my email:

    Allright! Lets have some fun! I want some input as to what I should tell him! I will screenshot my email after its sent so you guys can see I am really sending it too :nice:
  8. Wow...this guy is lost like no other. :eek:
  9. i need to gather my thoughts i have been laughing way too hard for the past half hour to function. also, i need to go change my shorts since i pissed them because i was laughing so hard.

    ask him how the butterflies open when they aren't even connected.
  10. I feel sorry for this guy - because if he's trying to sell it for 40k - he must have close to 40k in it somehow. That craigslist link is a great example of a beautiful Grande. I don't think it's an ugly style body on the Mach1's, but this guy certainly did a great job.
  11. So this is how I responded :D

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  12. hahaha I especially like the kthxbai
  13. The thing has junk roller steel wheels on it!!! HAHAHAHAHA

    What a scammer liar no good theif joke of a human being!
  14. Not me. He is a f___ing thief.

  15. And that is why I am screwing with him :rlaugh:
  16. If that guy has 40k in it, in must be in a duffel bag in the trunk!

    Either that, or he's worse at managing money than Bernie Madoff!!

    This guy is off his meds or something. He's either blatantly trying to defraud people, or he really is that stupid. Either way, I'm giggling like a school girl. Keep up the good work.
  17. Funny stuff, keep it up. :nice: :rlaugh:

    That piece of sh__ deserves much worse. :mad:
  18. That's Fin terrible