Yet another exhaust combo down.....

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  1. only ___ more to go until I am fully satisfied!:nonono:

    I have been experimenting ever since I bought the car, trying to find the loudest but best sounding exhaust combo. Its been a long expensive journey, and I am not through yet. Here is the breakdown of what I have had so far:

    Mufflers/Mid pipe/Headers

    -much deeper than stock, decent drone inside cruising at certain speeds

    MAC/catted Bassani X/stock=:D
    -pretty much the same as it was, just louder, and a little tinny at a certain RPM

    MAC/catless Bassani X/stock= :eek:
    -holy crap, this sounded insane!! Like a rabid werewolf, BUT under acceleration, waaay to tinny......dammit

    MAC/Pypes offroad H/stock=:)
    -didn't sound bad by any means, but nowhere near as loud, much less tinny sound

    MAC/catless Bassani X/Hooker LTS=:D
    -not near as loud as I was hoping, this combo with stock headers was much louder. A little tinny in the higher rpms

    Bassani/catless Bassani X/Hooker LTS=:D
    -sounds like a totally different car. Not as loud as I would like, NO tinny sound, pretty deep.

    SLP Loudmouths/catless Bassani X/Hooker LTs= :eek::crazy:
    -LOUD LOUD LOUD. Deep growl down low, major trumpets above 3000 rpms, psychotically loud at half throttle, severe drone at certain rpms/speeds. See post #47.

    Hooker tips/catless Bassani X/Hooker LTs=:scratch:
    -Deeper than the SLPs, not as loud, and smaller trumpets. Sounds tinny when the pedal is buried. SLPs will probably be going back on.

    SLP Loudmouths/MAC Prochamber/Hooker LTs=:)
    -Its nice. Much deeper than the X pipe, much much quieter too. Very little cabin drone, minimal amount of trumpets that only occur over 3500 rpms.

    Pypes Violators/catless Bassani X/Hooker LTs=:D
    -Surprisingly deep when idling, pretty loud when WOT. Somewhat of the tinny/rattling sound in the upper rpms, but not near as bad as what I have heard before.

    At this point, I will probably be sticking with the Violators. Excellent balance between the deep grumble that says "I might have 500 horses....", and the loudness that says "You're not coming?":D
  2. SLP LM will do the trick. I have it on my car and it can be loud if you want it to be, ie stepping on the fun pedal.
  3. I had considered those, but I may hold them as a last resort type deal. Unless I find someone selling them at a good price, which is what happened with the Bassanis that are on there now:D
  4. Oh I am familiar with them, and about 17 other brands too. I have researched just about all mufflers available for the 05s!:eek:

    And I see you live in Regina, that is really interesting as my dad has an annual fishing trip up North of La Ronge at the Sportsmans Lodge on Lake Macintosh. We fly in to Regina before we head to La Ronge, been there tons of times! Your guys winters are no joke:eek:
  5. I am also experimenting with exhaust combinations. Even though I love my bassani x-pipe I heard it gets really raspy when you add aftermarket headers. So, I decided to sell them and have already ordered a MAC catted H-pipe. I have heard these give a deeper tone without the raspiness of the X-pipe. Anyways, good luck with your search for the perfect exhaust. Oh, by the way, I have SLP LMs. If you are looking for a loud exhaust then I would highly recommend them.
  6. The raspiness that I got from my x pipe was because of the mufflers. I had read somewhere that chambered mufflers coupled with an X pipe do not go well together, and so far I have found that to be true. Which I think narrows my options for mufflers.....
  7. hey mydnyghte,you interested in selling your hi flow cats off your bassani x if your not using them anymore?
    i heard that about the mufflers wondering if that is true with the s197's.mine has got terrible tin can sound at acceleration and at lower rpms.
    sounds as if the exhaust is loose and banging around under there.which of course it is not.have you experienced that same thing with your x.
  8. I have that same exact sound and thought that my exhuast was hitting something. I am hoping this goes away when I install the H-pipes.
  9. midnyghte, have you tried the borla stingers or the bassani race axle backs? they are supposed to be insane loud and sound good with x pipes. im going wtith the bassani race mufflers and a mac catted prochamber when i get my car un july.
  10. Szlachic, when I had the Pypes h pipe on there, the raspiness was majorly reduced, but was still present in the higher rpms. There again, I attribute that to the mufflers. I guess they can only handle so much flow before that sound is produced:shrug:

    Nycstang, I have had my eyeball on those Bassani race axlebacks. The only thing is how $$ they are. Anytime I can, I buy stuff from Lightning Force Performance, because they get a huge discount on Bassani stuff. And for some reason, they do not have those in stock yet:mad: When they finally arrive there, I will be purchasing from them.

    06tungstenstang, I will pm you!
  11. I ran SLP's with O/R h pipes. Loud! Loud! Loud! I could only take for a couple of days and had to put the factory back on. Sounded good but way to loud for the neighbors.
  12. Was that with stock manifolds or headers? I noticed a significant decrease in sound when I put the Hookers on, and am thinking that if I try the SLPs, they might not be as loud as what I have been reading:shrug:
  13. mydnyghte, if you ever get those rase mufflers from lightning force let me know and post some sound clips! i really want em but havent heard em at all yet!
  14. response .....bassani catted x- FRRP Stingers

    Just got my bassani X pipe and FRRP Stingers put on I left the bassani converters on for now I purchased the system that lets you change to cattless or catted ...result the sound is awsome I have not had any raspiness so far it only sounds a little raspi when the first start up the day occurs after that let the rumble out....and it also runs more freely just opens up quicker when accelerating no just not in head either I let 2 other close friends drive the car before and after the mod.

  15. yeh i want to hear those race bassani's too.i may get those instead of the flowmasters that i have now.hey mydnyght did those hookers fit right up to the bassani x with no problem?you just took the cats off and they bolted up?
  16. I have stock headers/bassani off road X/bassani AFT-CAT and I have to say that I do not like it. Its raspy and it sounds horrible. I think this may be due to the fact I have a supercharger but I dont know. I have pretty much decided to sell the AFT-CAT mufflers and get some Flowmasters. Maybe 40 or 80 series. I need something that is real deep but not too loud. I want it to sound friggin mean but I'm not sure what yet. Any suggestions?

    And I think its the exhaust system thats causing this but my car is real boggy right now. I think I have to tune it. I have yet to get any eliminators or turn off the O2 sensors so maybe that could be it? It just has no low end and it takes longer to boost. Losing backpressure?
  17. hey pliskin,i have the o/r bassani x and flowmasters with stock headers.i would say try something else besides the doesnt sound terribly bad,but its kind of annoying at certain actually going to try two things.1.put on hi flow cats that i just bought from midnyghte.if that doesnt make much of a difference,im going to try the bassani race axlebacks.with the flowmasters,its got quite a bit of drone(which doesnt really bother me),and it has the trumpeting while shifting thru the gears.overall i cant say that i hate the sound,it just could be better i think.from what ive read though,the bassani race axlebacks solves all that.i just dont want to invest the $ till ive heard them in person.
  18. mabye try the hooker axle back?
  19. Yes, the X pipe bolted straight up to the Hookers. It took a little muscling to get eveything lined up, as the headers were about 1/2" too far apart, but a ratchet strap took care of that:D But I certainly do not have to worry about it leaking!

    Pliskin yours is raspy with the Bassani mufflers and their x pipe? I would almost think that has to be something with your S/C. I am running the same combo right now, and I have zero raspiness. Though if I REALLY get on it and let it run up high in the RPMs, I can hear it almost want to start being raspy, but it never does. Maybe all the extra flow with your setup is making it sound like that? I did not think it would ever be a problem with the Bassani mufflers, since they are a straight through design:shrug: With a chambered muffler I could understand...

    My next experiment is either going to be the Pypes Violator axle backs ($300 for polished mufflers and 4" tips:nice: ) or the Hooker Aerochambers. The Pypes because they are a straight through muffler, and possibly the Hookers because they are made go with an X pipe, as Hooker makes one and I have thier headers. But they only have 3.5" tips:(