Yet another exhaust combo down.....

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  1. I'll make a video of my exhaust tonight and post it for everyone. See what you guys think. I also dont have cats and I d have an SES.
  2. "MAC/catless Bassani X/stock=
    -holy crap, this sounded insane!! Like a rabid werewolf, BUT under acceleration, waaay to tinny......dammit"

    Can you elaborate more on this? I'm looking for something with deep mean growl, not to loud but a low and deep rumbling without the raspy tin can sound.

  3. I run SLP all the way through my car with the LM2s on the catback and i can honestly say it was exactly what i was looking for. Its not screaming loud until you get on it which is nice when your driving out late at night and have crabby neighbors.

    Now i don't know if the 05/06s are setup differently or if they sound different vs. the 99-04s but it sounds great. My exhaust is in my sig. If you want a clip i can email it to you but you gotta get back to me by 3:00PM.

    My email address is:

    Drop me a line and i'll drop ya a sound clip both inside and outside the car.
  4. That setup was by far the best sounding, outside of the horrible raspiness. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I would swap to some straight through mufflers and see how it sounded. Right now the DEEPEST sound that I have achieved is with what I am running now, the Bassani mufflers & catless x pipe. If the car is in the garage idling, the cabinet doors inside the house rattle:D But it is not as loud as some of the other setups. If I could achieve that sound (MAC/catless Bassani X/stock) with my Hookers and without the raspiness, I would be in heaven!

    Shallow, from what I have been reading the 99-04s were 4 valve, where the 05s+ are all 3 valve which effects the sound of the exhuast. Also one thing more to consider is that the mufflers on the 05s sit so much farther downstream than the earlier ones, which I think accounts for a lot since the exhaust does not have as far to travel out of the muffler before it exits. But I would be lieing if I said I have not been considered the Loudmouths:D
  5. well mydnyghte, if you ever decide to sell those bassani axlebacks let me know.i may try those next.
  6. I'm telling all of you, O/R h-pipe and SLPs is the only way my car will sound from now on...
  7. If you just drop the muffers and went with straight pipes, wouldn't it be loud enough as can be?
    If thats what you're looking for.
  8. Definitely!

    I keep considering more and more the Loudmouths, since they are less $$ than any of the other mufflers that I am considering. My only reservation about them is the possibility they may just be LOUD, you know like if you cranked a stereo allll the way up, its loud as crap but does not sound good by any means; just darn loud noise. If I can achieve loud and sound good, then I may be happy:rolleyes: Oh and have 4" tips also....
  9. Well it looks like the Loudmouths will be the next contestants. Hopefully I will have them in hand by next week at some point:nice:

    Despite how these sound though, I am still going to be wondering what the Pypes and Hooker mufflers sound like. Mainly the Pypes ones though, I have read that they were described as "rudely loud":rolleyes:
  10. I have the JBA longtubes and o/r hpipe along with the SLP's I love them, they sound real nice just cruising around, once you get to about 2700 rpm it screams I mean loud. It is pretty raspy at the higher rpms though. Not bad iside the car, I can hear it but it isn't unbearable. I love the sound myself. If I can find someone with a video camera I will try and post a video. I lost my camera in the divorce but I got enough money to buy the car I say thats a good trade off.
  11. Mydnyghte...........when you say you have the bassani cat-back.......which system are you referring to???????.........does anyone know if the race axle back are really that much louder that the bx bassani mufflers??????????????????????????????????????:shrug:
    thanks in advance.
  12. Other than it just being called the BX kit, I'm not sure there is a name for it:shrug: But its not the race axle back that I have, those have been a consideration though:D
  13. you think you post a pic of your car a (couple feet away) from behind showing the mufflers.........i am really interested in getting the bassani bx mufflers because i like the look better than the race mufflers, thanks in advance:)
  14. The Bassani mufflers look AWESOME. I love the way the look. The sound is awesome too but gets too raspy with a supercharger and o/r x-pipe combo. So now I'm selling em for cheap.
  15. If you want a cheaper alternative to the SLP Loudmouths then just go to a good muffler shop and have them un bolt the stock mufflers and fit some custom stainless pipes in there. That is all the SLP Loudmouths do. There is no muffler device with them what so ever. SLP even confirmed this over the phone and the sales rep advised me to just do that since I couldn't fit the SLP's to my roush because of different tips. This is easy for a good muffler shop to do and it only costs less than $200. That is prob less than half of what it costs the SLPs to be installed
  16. Yeah no problem, I can do that tomorrow. The first thing I noticed about them is how long these suckers are! I'll also take some comparison shots of them against my MACs

    And I was actually able to trade my MACs for a set of Loudmouths. Now I just have to sell my Prochamber!
  17. Pliskin........which bassani mufflers do you you have the full stainless steel mufflers (i guess you can call the chromed) of just the metal finished mufflers??.........and r they still for sale...................Mydnyghte.............i cant wait to see those pics.....thanks
  18. Sorry guys, I had my car out today and washed it, then as I am getting ready to dry it, the bottom falls out and POURS down rain. Had to rush and pull it in the garage and totally forgot the pictures. In the morning however! I will snap some in the daylight, once I have had the chance to clean the mufflers a tad.

    And I know the question was not direct at me, but the ones I have are the stainless ones, not the polished stainless. However, the backside, the part you see when you're following, is polished along with the tip.
  19. Alright guys, here are the photos:



    Side shot of the muffler, Bassani etched on the side, very naughty....


    MAC muffler

    MAC and Bassani
  20. Have you thought about the Roush mufflers. Mine are very deep, with no rasp in th higher rpm's. I just got the Pypes offroad h-pipe that will be going on tomorrow, and let you know how it sounds. Are you running a tune or MIL eliminators? I heard that it is about 50/50 whether the check engine light comes on or not. Keep up the quest.