Yet another exhaust combo down.....

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  1. my car has had no issues with the pypes o/r h and mil eliminators.
  2. When I had the Pypes h pipe, it was about a day or so after the CEL came on. I wanted to give a Bamachips tune a whirl, so I had Doug send me one with the O2 sensors turned off. The only issue now is its running real rich. But there is a place about an hour from here that I plan on getting it dynoed and tuned at so I know that I am getting all I can out of what I have installed.

    On a side note, I think I may order the Pypes Violator mufflers in the next day or so.....:D :nonono:
  3. Oh and the Roush mufflers, no I had not thought about those. Are those chambered or straight through?
  4. Mydnyghte those bassani's look i just got to deciede if i want the race mufflers or the ones you have..........thanks a lot:nice:
  5. Anytime!:nice: You need to get the race ones, so I can hear what they sound like:D

    The postman came today and left me a note stating that he attempted delivery, but I was not here to receive my Loudmouths:( So in the morning I am heading to the post office to pick them up because I am impatient! I wonder how loud this is going to be.....:rolleyes:
  6. So my Bassani AFT-CAT and Bassani O/R X combo is down so my next one is the Bassani O/R X and Borla. I'm still lucking for something not raspy and deep. I mean deep. Not euro, not raspy and loud. Deep. I'll see how that goes.
  7. SO another day another combo...

    Put the SLP Loudmouths on this morning, and..uh..DAMN
    Oh its louder now, sounds good down low, anything above 3000rpms and I get the trumpets that I have read so much about. To state again, it sounds great under 3000 rpms. However, there is horrendous drone at certain rpms when driving, and when on the highway, there is a horrible drone at about 70 or 75 mph. I mean a BAD drone.

    I can see how these might sound awesome with an H pipe, I have considered ordering one to swap in for my X pipe, but I ordered the Pypes Violators last night so we'll see how those go. The SLPs are the closest match to the sound I had with my MACs/Catless X/Stock headers, but don't sound that great up in the higher rpms.

    Oh and I have not had the guts to open it up all the way. At half throttle, it absolutly SCREAMS. And overpasses on the highway are a downright crime:eek:

    If SLP ever made the tips with a 4" exit, I think that would make it sound real nice. The diameter of the orifice is about half of what the Bassanis are. I'd say about 2". A 4" pipe would make it deeper, I'd think anyways. And maybe eliminate some of that trumpeting.
  8. i ordered my violators last night from, but they are out of stock, should be in end of next week, where did you get yours from
  9. I ordered mine direct from Pypes. They said the same thing, out of stock. I'm really anticipating what these will sound like, as they appear to be the most straight through muffler that I have seen so far. And I can't wait to get them, because damn my setup is loud right now:eek:

    I still have yet to have it at WOT. Judging from my last setup, the Bassanis at WOT are almost as loud as the SLPs at half throttle. I say almost because the Bassanis never made my ears hurt.....
  10. One other thing I thought about trying, certainly cheaper too, was to swap out the Loudmouth tips with a larger diameter tip. I found these:

    And also the same thing with a built in resonator:

    Both of which are available in a 3" inlet, 4" outlet, about 10" long. They don't have the look of the SLP, but that damn voice inside my head is whispering "What if....":nono:
  11. Well after driving it around now for awhile, I've figured out how to drive it to keep that horrendous trumpeting to a minimum. And I have to admit, I am really starting to dig it:D

    Finally opened it all the way up over the weekend, and the closest comparison that I can think of is a Nascar. It was insane! My only fear now is that when the Violators finally arrive, I am afraid that going from this noise level to a new muffler, despite how it sounds, I won't like it because it will be quieter...Oh well, only one way to find out!
  12. What are you doing with all the parts you keep replacing?
  13. Well actually, the Prochamber I STILL have, my MACs I traded for the SLPs, I sold the high flow Bassani cats, and the Bassani mufflers I am going to polish up and get them ready to be sold.
  14. I wish you had audio clips for us...tell me which combo sounds like a mean terminator and that's what I want to go with.
  15. I dont know anyone with my body style mustang in my area. I cant sell my Bassani's! I like the way mine sounds with the stock mufflers, o/r x, and S/C..and I have $500 mufflers just sitting in my garage.
  16. In the past, posting audio clips would not have been a problem. I had my firewire port and my video editing software working beautifully. Up until my F ing hard drive crashed. It was a pain trying to get the software I had working again, then when I bought my new soundcard, it did away with my firewire port. And since then, I just have not bothered to invest any money in my computer.

    Pliskin, I too have them sitting in my garage! Though I have not tried to sell them yet. I know shipping mufflers is about $30, thats what it cost to send my MACs off. You may try selling them here.
  17. Oh and the absolute meanest sound I have found is the catless X pipe with MAC mufflers and stock manifold. But be warned, its really tinny in the upper RPMs. However! I never tried this with a straight through muffler, as the MACs were chambered. You could try a nonchambered setup and might still have that wicked awesome sound without the rattle can uptop.
  18. Latest Experiment:

    Decided to try a larger tip, thinking that might take care of some of the trumpeting and the drone, as well as make it deeper. So I ordered a pair of Hooker tips, 4" with a built in resonator, and had them installed today.

    Quieter than the SLPs, took care of some of the trumpeting down low, but now its a little tinny uptop. I guess I could say its a smaller trumpet:rolleyes: I do like the larger tip, but I think the SLPs will be going back on. This was definitely one of the cheaper experiments, as I have $77 for the tips (which are very very good quality) and $50 for the welding:nice: Still waiting on the Violators....




  19. i got my violators in today, and just finished putting them on, sounds real good, no trumpeting ior far tsounds, still have stock h tho. tips look good and the mufflers appear to be welded good. has a cool ass idle, sounds good going down the road with the windows down, absolutley no drone at highway sppeds.
  20. only problem i had putting them in was i couldnt get the bolt in on the rear hangers at the top, so its sitting crooked now, but thats cause i did it in my driveway, on the ground, and i dont have small arms or a girlish figure, tomorrow im going to use a buddys set of ramps, should be straight then