Yet another exhaust combo down.....

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  1. Oh man, you got yours already? When did you order them?

    I was told they would not be in until the 2nd week in July:rolleyes: :nice:
  2. i got them from blue oval industries web, i called to see if they had them in, and ordered them tuesday, shipped wednesday, on the car friday. i was able to get the last bolt in after i drove the car and it cooled down again, still need to play with them to center them up, both tips are in the same place, just slightly off center, thats my fault i didnt have someone help me make sure. brenspeed should have their shipment in by now, i emailed pypes and they have the violator axlebacks ready, but theyre waiting on the band clamps.
  3. how many exhaust setups have you been through? on my 03 i went through a bunch
    1 chambers stock h, 1 chambers catted x, spintechs catted x, spintechs prochamber, prochamber 2chamber flows, magnaflows and prochamber were the last one i had when i traded it.
    im amazed at the complete lack of drone or resonance in the cabin, with the violators.
  4. I ordered mine direct from Pypes, maybe that had something to do with it:rolleyes:

    Once I get the Violators on, that will be the 9th setup I have tried. And today the SLPs went back on. The Hooker tips quieted it down a LOT more than I was expecting, and I just couldn't have that:D So now I have some more parts that I can hopefully sell!
  5. The 05+ do sound different than earlier cars because they have no tailpipe after the muffler.
    Resonators in the X/H pipe aft of the cats if you have them will cure that raspiness and give it a deep big block sound, use whichever mufflers you prefer.
  6. I had considered getting some high flow cats and modiying my X pipe to accomodate them, but not sure what brand to go with. And I am also kind of reserved about doing so because I sold my Bassani cats a couple months ago and would feel like a dolt buying them again:nonono:

    Man, I guess theres more riding on how these Violators sound than I thought:rolleyes:
  7. damn is there any openings were you work? I wish I could afford to test different pipes on my car... If you ever feel charitable let me know, oh and thanks for the advice on which exhaust sounds the meanest.
  8. have you tried the Prochamber H with the Borla muffs? Guy in town has one, sounds like an old muscle car, deep, but not too loud. I only hear it at idle, so not sure if it is raspy. Im with you. I want a mean deep growl, but i dont want it loud, and will not tolerate any tiggy sounds.
  9. i actually just put on the mac offroad H (prochamber).........with the bassani bx mufflers (full stainless)..........if you guys want that old el camino muscle car sound try this setup........only problem is the car is starting to vibrate on the inside.......when i have change in my cup holder, they start rattling, its LOUD......but not loud with sound its more TONE......setting off cars alarms everywhere i go :eek: ........well whatever im only young once:SNSign:
  10. those hi flow bassani cats you sold me did a nice job of getting rid of the trumpeting and the raspiness.i love the sound now,no annoying sounds whatsoever.of course its not as loud,but still meaner sounding then the stock exhaust.i may try the bassani race mufflers next.i think you should try those mydnyghte.they should sound awesome with the x.
  11. No no, don't get me wrong, my work place sucks and pays just as well. If we have job openings, I tell noone for the mere fact I wouldn't want anyone I know to put up the BS that I do:nonono: These experiments have been ongoing for the year and a half that I have owned my car. I don't even want to think about all the other things I could have done to my car if I hadn't embarked on this journey!

    Another thing that I have been condsidering is getting some extensions made so I could mate the Prochamber to the LTs. Considering I can't seem to sell the darn thing, and since I have never had it on my car, I figure why not?

    And I am still keeping the Bassani Race mufflers in mind. Those might be more realistic though if I can find some place selling them for a decent price!

  12. howe much you want for teh prochamber?
  13. I am wanting to get $320 delivered for it. Which is significantly cheaper than anywhere I personally have seen. I also have the legs that connected my X pipe to the stock manifolds I will throw in if desired. That will still make the Prochamber shorter than the legs will reach, but a muffler shop couldn't charge much to make some extensions with O2 bungs. Here is a shot of them

  14. Alright, well after some consideration, I have decided to give the Prochamber a whirl. Considering I can't seem to sell it and the fact its been sitting for well over 3 months, why not? So today I went and picked up some couplings to make up for the Prochambers length. Hopefully tomorrow, but certainly by Saturday it'll be on.

    Mydnyghte, i am looking at putting on some jba long tubes but i think i am going to buy a catless bassini x first to pick up on some more performance b4 i going completly diving in. In this case, how will this effect me putting on long tubes. I'm i going to have installation issues?? It's been a while since i have been underneath the car so i cannot remember the characteristics of what is going on underneath. btw, i am already running a slp loudmouth outback!!!!!!!!

    i read that you already have hooker longtubes. what does hooker advertise for performance? i know your interested in the sound but i am just curious.

    thanks in advance~!!!!!!!!!
  16. FRB, from what I have come to understand just from reading various posts, the Hooker and JBA LTs are the same length. With that being said, when I installed my Bassani pipe, I had 0 issues with it mating up to my Hookers, so you should be good to go with the JBAs and Bassani. Hang on to your stock midpipe hardware though!! I have regretted getting rid of all that to this day, as there have been many times it would have come in useful:nonono:

    As far as gains go, again from what I have read, few people seem to gain at the most 25 horses. However, I believe it averages between 15 and 20. 25hp appears to be "possible" but not "probable".

    On a side note, when installing the headers, removing the starter makes things much easier, and lifting the engine will too. Oh and a buddy letting you use his lift also streamlines the process:nice:
  17. The Prochamber went in this morning. It took some muscling to get it all straightened up and bolted in, but its on! I was really surprised by how much quieter it is now. Its a lot deeper, very little drone in the cabin, and the trumpets have been all but vanquished. Only up in the high rpms do they make themselves known, but its not annoying by any means. No longer the crop duster. In the morning I am going to swap in the Bassanis to see what happens then.

    One thing that I was thinking about today was how everything could change once I get a set of cams on there. So when the Violators get here, I think I will put a hold on my journey until I get the money for cams since once those go on, they are not coming off.
  18. i like my setup.i have JBA longtube headers+Bassani x-pipes + flowmaster thunder series (black mufflers with 4 inch tips) little or no drone. nice tone at highway speeds. very loud when reving the engine. i love changing. gears it sounds awsome. at idle, it is deep. it rattles the pictures on my wall because it is next to the garage
  19. Is there any raspiness to that setup? From what I understand, the Flowmasters are a chambered design. And from what I have experienced with X pipes and chambered mufflers, it produces a raspy/tinny sound at certain RPMs.

    And I got teased today, I heard a big truck pull up outside and I automatically thought it was the UPS guy with the Violators, but it was just the garbage man:(