Yet another exhaust combo down.....

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  1. Woo hoo! Got my Violators, now I am going to put the X pipe back on, and bolt them things up! They also sent me a free t-shirt!:hail2:
  2. It's too bad your editing software hasn't been working cause you could have had more 05+ sound clips than mustangexhaust .com.........literally:)
  3. MAN tell me about it. Thats my biggest regret (in lieu of the $ spent) through all this is that I didn't capture the sound of each setup. Tomorrow I will finish up everything and see what the latest go round will yield:D
  4. Sorry it took so long to reply. The roush mufflers are a straight thru design, in a traditional muffler case, not the canister type. My buddy said that it is what he want his harley to sound like.
  5. Sorry it took so long to reply. The roush mufflers are a straight thru design, in a traditional muffler case, not the canister type. My buddy said that it is what he wants his harley to sound like.
  6. magnaflows kick ass
  7. Got them all finished up this morning. Man I can't get over how well put together these mufflers are! They are definitely the best quality muffler that I have had yet. Even the Bassanis don't hold a candle to these.

    The sound is nice and surprisingly deep, theres a little bit of the rattle can sound when you get on it, but its nothing compared to the other sounds I have heard. I really like these mufflers, still not quite what I want, but I am very happy with them:D
  8. If you're interested in selling them.. please PM me. You're running them with an OR H pipe right now correct?
  9. No, Bassani catless X. It'll be awhile until I start thinking about getting rid of them. Right now I am trying to see if anyone would trade me some FRPP mufflers for my Bassanis. In fact, after I get done posting this, I am going to start a thred with all my extra parts up for grabs...
  10. I'd really like to know/hear how the prochamber with borla/frpp mufflers sounds!

    I (like many others) want that big block muscle sound, with no raspiness or tinny sounds! Just throaty, loud, and deep!

    Here you go, MAC prochamber/FRPP (stingers). I swapped the FRPP in favor of the MAC and like it much better.
  12. Blacksheep which version of the prochamber is that on those clips?
  13. Thank you! Quick responce! You know how long I've been looking for samples of that combo?! :)

    Sounds good, but I dont know if it has that throaty growl that I'm looking for. I'm starting to think I'll only get what I'm talking about with chambered mufflers (like MAC or Flowmaster).

    Would you happen to have more samples? Possibly of the MAC mufflers when you had them on?? Pleeeeease :D
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    Oops! Nevermind, I found your other posts on putfile!!
    Your system with the MAC mufflers is sweeeeeeet!!

    Would you happen to have a sound clip of the MAC mufflers or the FRPP ones without the prochamber? Or did you get that first??

    PS, do you have the PC2105 or the PC2005 prochamber?

    Thanks so much!
  15. Blacksheep that sounds nice!

    After I had got my Prochamber on, I was kicking myself for not hanging onto my MACs a little longer so I could try them with the Prochamber:nonono: After hearing your clip of them, I severly regret not doing so!

    As of right now, I am abandoning my attempt to get soundclips of the ehxaust. Instead I will be getting video clips:D A buddy of mine asked if I could do some video recording/editing for him, so I am in the process of re-acquiring my software and keeping an eye out for a firewire card.
  16. It's the offroad Prochamber, excellent sound quality.
  17. hmm that is interesting because i asked Brent@brenspeed about this setup and he said he had it on for about an hour and took it off because it was WAY TOO RASPY.... interesting..
  18. No problem man,

    Here's the FRPP with the stock H, pretty much the same sound just not as loud.

    I don't have one with the MAC on the stock h
  19. I'm actaually going to do a 15-20 min movie of my car in the mountains complete with music and burnouts and put it on DVD.:nice:
  20. That is interesting, I actually bought the MAC stuff from him. The combo is barely raspy at all. It is one of the deeper more aggressive sounds I've heard on any mustang.

    He must be trying to promote the pypes offroad h because they have plenty of those clips on the website but not one prochamber clip.
    Also when I ordered the prochamber they didn't have any in stock and told me it would be shipped from the warehouse.

    I wasn't real impressed with sound clips they have of the Pypes offroad and MAC axleback.