Yet another exhaust combo down.....

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  1. Awesome info guys! Thanks a million! I'll start with just the FRPP axle-back... and if it's too loud or raspy I'll go from there :)

    Anyone have these for sale?? Or know where the best deal is?
  2. Any word on that exhaust clip blacksheep?
  3. I'm looking for something deep. Something without trumpeting or any drone. Nothing raspy. I dont know what to get now. I was leaning towards Flowmaster.

    BTW...anyone interested in some Bassani AFT-CATs? GREAT condition. Look awesome. $750 retail will sell for a lot less. Taken off because wanted something less loud. Live in heavy residential area. Great sound. PM me or email me at [email protected]
  4. From everything I've read and all the clips I've listened to, you're gonna have a hard time getting the sound you want while running that x pipe. You may wanna consider putting the stock h pipe back on with those bassani mufflers, should be much better! Or get your self a prochamber instead of x pipe and run some chambered mufflers, JBA or MAC don't have the rasp/tin sound like flowmaster :nice:

    Good luck man, wish me some too, this is the most extended exhaust search I've ever had to do! :bang:
  5. Should I just put the cats back on? I noticed it only when I took off my h-pipe and my cats. I was thinking maybe if I put my cats back on.
  6. Pliskin, what were your issues with the Bassanis? I ran them with their x pipe and the cats removed, and it sounded reaal nice, but not as loud as I would like. No raspiness or nothing. However, that was with LTs......

    AND as of right now, my exhaust experiments have grinded to a stop. I wrecked my car, and am paying out of pocket to get it back on the road.:nonono: Up for muffler trades if anyone is interested!!
  7. I'm really interested in your violator mufflers.
  8. Geez I'm sorry, I just meant for the stuff I have extra. I'm hanging on those:rolleyes:
  9. oops sorry, interpreted what you said wrong :)
  10. Yeah, that's what I was saying you should try! Hey, it's free :D
    If that ends up not being loud enough for you, then a o/r prochamber would fix you up :nice:
  11. Well I'm looking for deep sounding and throaty not loud. If the loud comes with the sound im looking for then thats alright. Well the problem with my Bassani AFT CATs, non-catted x pipe, and stock headers was that it was a bit raspy, rattled a lot, and wasnt exactly the sound I was looking for. Right now I'm running stock mufflers, my x pipe, and no cats. Sounds ok until the high RPMs where its raspy gross sounding. I was looking for something that sounds good all the way through the RPMs. Mydnyghte if you know of anything that might fit what im looking for i'd greatly appreciate it. I was thinking of just throwing my exhaust back to stock so it doesnt sound like crap any more. Maybe tomorrow after word i'll throw a quick video together and show you all what I mean.
  12. Pliskin, I know what you mean. I don't know if you're planning on running headers or not, but after I put mine on, it really mellowed the tone out and quieted it down a bit. When I was running your same setup with my LTs, there was none of the raspiness present.

    I tried the Prochamber, and goodness that was deep and throaty. Outback I was running the Loudmouths, and was surprised at how much quieter than the x pipe that setup was. I wished I had kept my MAC mufflers to try them with the Prochamber. But with that setup, no raspiness or rattling sounds.
  13. Put your stock h pipe back on with the Bassani mufflers, you should be good to go :)
    If it's still too raspy, get some MAC mufflers, you wont be dissapointed.
  14. so MAC mufflers and stock H? Or Bassani with Bassani X and Cats? Or Should I just buy different mufflers that may mellow it out since I have my damn MIL eliminators on the way anyway. I mean, the X pipe does benefit right?

  15. For now, I'd just go ahead and put the stock H pipe on, running the Bassani mufflers... you should like that, it'll mellow it down (but yes you'll loose the little bit of horse power that X pipe is giving you). Best part of this is it costs you no money!

    If you end up still not liking that, then get some JBA or MAC mufflers and run them with your X pipe. But just so you know, from my experience chambered mufflers are better matched to H pipes rather than X pipes, but you should like the sound regardless, and if not you should be able to trade someone.

    I guess it all depends on what's more important, sound or performance? :)

    For performance, I would have to say the best set up would probably be long tube headers, o/r X, H, or Prochamber, and some straight-through muffers (i.e. FRPP Stingers, SLP Loud Mouths, etc)

    For that classic big block muscle car sound, nothing could beat long tubes, prochamber, with MAC mufflers (or all the same stuff from JBA rather than MAC, either or) :D
  16. The word is that I've come down with a slight case of laziness.:D
    I'll make some more clips though.