Yet another exhaust combo down.....

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  1. lol its all good but the sound at WOT is what is going to decide for me if i am going to get the prochambe or not... :flag:
  2. Well its been fun, but I think once I get my car back that the Violators will be my setup:rolleyes: After I get my damages all paid for, the next thing will be cams, as I expect that to change the sound of the exhaust also. But now I have all these extra parts that I need to get rid of, so any help on that front would be appreciated:D
  3. so whats the final combo? violators and what mid pipe?
  4. Hooker headers, offroad X (Bassani), and the Violators
  5. Oh and by the way i think i'm gonna get a MAC prochamber to go with my Loudmouths, what do you guys think?
  6. I ran that for awhile, it was actually a lot quieter than I desired. A lot will depend on if you go catless or not.
  7. I thought my Flows were loud...then got the O/R H...OH MY WORD!!!!!:D
  8. Its crazy how once you run your car without cats, you can listen to other cars and tell whether or not they are running theirs. Never again will I put cats back on my car:)
  9. PITA would appreciate you not using cats in your exhaust system :nice:
  10. im gonna get the off-road prochamber with my SLP Loudmouth's, what do you guys think? I've heard sound clips but you guys have had the real thing, so whats your input?
  11. I agree. My Pypes Violators and Off Road H give me the new edge sound I was looking for. Not quite 4V, but very close.
  12. cleanracingldr, your neighbors must love you when you don't creep through the neighborhood:nice: Thanks for the vid posts!
    From most of the clips I've heard and the cars on the street, the S197 has the retro look AND sound! I love the fact mine sounds like some '60's/'70s muscle car:D
  13. SLP Loudmouths/MAC Prochamber/stock
    were you running the off road prochamber? because i want that real deep sound but if it makes it too quiet im not touchin it
  14. I love my combo now. It seems to have mellowed out a lot. Even though I could do better with the exhaust I'm happy for now with these.

    Bassani AFT-CAT mufflers
    Bassani O/R X
    Stock headers

    Also, I really dislike the SLP LMs, or more like the straight pipes with tips on em. Sound horrible. I dont know if its the Bassani O/R X or the blower but it sounded ridiculous. I was embarassed to drive my car with those on.
  15. It was actually the SLP LMs/Prochamber/Hooker LTS that I had on there. But yes, it was offroad and I wouldn't say it was quiet, because it was pretty loud when you got on it. When I say it was "quiet", I use the term loosely because I wanted something LOUD that retained a good tone. It was however, one of the quieter combos I had, though it did sound good. Think of it as comparing a freight train to a shuttle launch, and referring to the train as being quiet:p
  16. haha, alright thanks.
  17. This has been a great thread in helping me make my decision for my new car. After reading this, speaking with Seth at Brenspeed, and waiting a greuling two weeks without any changes.

    So now I have Kooks long tubes coming in with a matching kooks hi-flow catted x pipe and then polished pypes violators. Have any of you had any experience with the Kooks and the violators? I am so excited and gotta wait two more weeks for the Kooks to be made and shipped. Thanks all!