Yet another exhaust combo down.....

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  1. Its funny how I see a lot of people on here trying X pipes, yet say they want the classic 60s 70s sound. Your not going to get the sound you want with an X pipe. No matter what X pipe you have its going to be higher pitched then an H. The pro chamber will give you the deepest sound. My buddy has an 05 GT and put slp on with his stock H pipe and it sounds good. I would say the best sound for the s197 would be a catted Prochamber (deeper then the H) and SLP. That’s my opinion. My buddy and I compared are exhaust. His again has stock H and SLP, mine has a catted MRT H and magnapacks. His car was louder but we both agreed that my 01GT was a heck of a lot deeper then his S197. It just seems harder to get the right sound with the s197.
  2. Load and Clear

    I purchased my stang a year ago and the first thing I did is play with the exhaust. Well i listened to different sound clips and i tried different mufflers at the shop. what it came down to my kid put every thing back on except the mufflers, he copied the old style stang tail with the polished tip 3" slapped them on and started it up. The smile was noticeable I loved it LOAD and different when driving at different speeds the sound changes it has a high pitch sound just like a European super car, and when you go to slow down it like it has a Jake brake. Try it what is it going to cost no more then 100.00USD if that and it sound good.Let me know:D
  3. well, its been a while since someone posted on this thread but i need more help. i have the SLP Loudmouths with an O/R Prochamber and i want something rumblier. i'm thinkin the Pypes mid muffler system. what do you guys think?
  4. That will sound great with the prochamber. :nice:
  5. Do it, then post some sound clips. No questions. Just go.
  6. I have the Pypes Mid Muffler System with the Pypes O/R H-Pipe and it is HELLA LOUD! but sounds really aggresive with no trumpheting what so ever.. sounds just like the clip on brenspeed, i couldnt be happier, as for my neighbors well...
  7. Subscribing for later...
  8. alright then, i'll try and do it here in the next few weeks, if... i can save up my money. i reallllly wanna get the pypes electronic exhaust cutouts too. :nice: but there almost $400. :notnice:

  9. Pypes O/R X-pipe & Mid-Mufflers on mine...I finally found the sound I've been looking for. Wil probably do long tubes in a few months to see what it is like. Be careful though. If your car is low those mid mufflers will take a hell of a beating on bad roads and rail road tracks. It has a very low tone. I'll try and get some vids up tonight or tomoroww.
  10. I'm tryin to find that 4-valve rumble and i'm hopin the setup i stated earlier will give me that. I'll definitely keep ya'll posted. Hey Clean, thanks again for the Prochamber, I've loved it ever since!