Yet another exhaust question, YEAH!

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  1. Guys, I need some help/info here.
    My daughter has an '04 V6, stock, automatic.
    She had an accident last year and the body shop ended up putting a stock GT rear bumper on as a replacement.
    As you can guess, it looks pretty silly on there with that stock, single exhaust pipe hanging down.
    She wants some dual pipes to fit in with the GT bumper, and of course wants a better sound.
    I have searched here and read all the threads I can take, but hope you can help me with some suggestions to make her christmas a happy one.
    1) If ordering one of the cat-back systems to fit a V6, I assume they are meant to fit with a stock bumper, with the turn down tailpipe. Is this accurate or would they come with straight pipes that would actually fit into the GT's exhaust slots?
    2) Staying with just a cat-back system, is there any need of using any of the GT take-off exhaust system parts? I keep reading here about using them, but not sure if that is necessarry in our case.
    3) Would the MAC Flow Paths be ok for her? She has sulked about the sound of her car since new. She has vivid memories of my modded 93GT that shook the walls in the house.
    Is there another brand we should consider more? I was surprised then searching for Flowmasters that I could only find them in 3 chamber for her car. Do they not offer 2 chamber for the V6's in a cat-back kit?
    Well, I will stop here with the questions and hope some of you experts on V6 stangs can help me out.
    Thanks for any and all info you can provide. I need to get this Christmas order in soon. I plan to do the basic install myself. I usually have my local muffler shop weld the joints when I am done.
  2. I would get a '99-'04 GT takeoff catback and have a muffler shop fabricate a true dual midpipe. You can use the left side OEM muffler hanger, but will have to get two exhaust tip hangers and a right-side muffler hanger. You can also get any aftermarket catback you want that fits a '99-'04 GT if you have a true dual midpipe fabricated as above or use one of the V6 dual H-pipe conversion kits sold by vendors such as Mustang Tuning.

    H-pipe ($85) plus any of the Cat-back kits they offer will give you sound and looks. Some of the cat-back kits aren't true dual though. But the ones that are bolt right onto the H-pipe. You'll just have to get it welded on at the end of the cats. They also sell the GT exhaust hanger kit to give you the extra hangers you'll need. Borla, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, etc...
  4. wow guys, thanks for the info. Looks like I have some shopping to do. It sounds like you feel I have to go with a GT setup. I was hoping to just get away with bolting up a simple cat-back system...just a couple of muffflers and tailpipes from the stock cat pipe back. She doesn't really need a super-system like I keep for the GT!
    I'll look and see what I need.
    Thanks again.
  5. OK, I have been to all the sites and checked out the products.
    Seems I have 2 choices:
    1) Stay with the stock Y pipe and just buy a "dual" cat-back muffler/pipe system, either Flowmaster or MAC OR
    2) Buy the Dual H-pipe adapter and a 4.6L cat back system, either Flowmaster or MAC

    Is there any real advantage with going with option #2? This is not a car that is going to be built up. My daughter just wants it to sound a lot better. It is a beautiful anniversary red V6 with an automatic drive. It has the GT rear bumper on it with the 2 exhaust exit notches that we need to fill!

    The only worry I have is would using option #1 allow proper routing of the pipes to the bumper notches?

    Anymore hints, ideas, or tips are surely welcome.
    Thanks again,

    I can get the MAC 3.8L cat-back only system for $309

    The conversion pipe would be $85 PLUS the GT cat back... $389 for MAC or $359 for American Thunder Flows
  6. If She`s not gonna BUILD up the car then Go w/ the MAGNAFLOW it will sound much better, check out E-bay there is some for around $375 shipped !!!!! This store has it for $459 but you can make an offer.......Store: "GRIFFINS MUSTANG SOURCE"

    Good luck,
  7. If not going with true duals I wouldn't bother.
  8. Thanks again.
    Hey TP....what can you tell me about those SLP systems?
    I just found them on E-bay for $404 shipped. That is the best deal I have come across.
    I checked the reviews section here and everyone praises these things to the max.
    BUT, what about on the V-6 cars?
    What would we expect on her car being automatic and stock everything else? I would buy a dual conversion pipe and then pop these buggers on there. Just how loud or what sound on her car? Do you think she would be pleased, knowing she is jealous of our Flowmasters on the 93 and 93GT's we have already?
    I would appreciate any info about this. We don't want her to rattle the neighbors windows, but she does want to try to have a mean sounding mean as possible anyway. She's limited to what dad is going to spend on it....and she's a poor college girl with a part time job.
    Thank you very much.
  9. I don't know how they would sound on a V6 but the fit, quality, and finish of the SLP Loudmouth catback is second to none. Give them a try, they should work out well.
  10. Thanks TP.
    I am unclear about what the SLP pipes are. Are they mufflers or just resonators? Is it like running straight pipes or any muffling at all?
    They do seem to be a great product and the pictures look stunning to say the least. We do need some muffling under there.
    Anybody with any info to help us decide?
  11. go to in their product inventory on the last page of their induction and exhaust section

    they have a complete GT takeoff kit with the pacesetter V6 conversion adapter.

    since you already have a GT bumper you can get the 94-98 kit for $185
    the 99-04 kit is the same except comes with a GT rear bumper for $350 which you don't need. the GT pipes they use are from 99+ GT so they will look just like a stock 99GT exhaust

    all that needs done is cut the Y-pipe and put the GT exhaust in place. the GT mufflers are alittle quiet so if you want you can add 2.25" Force mufflers from part# FRC-5201 for $29.88 a piece. they are built and sound exactly like Flowmaster super 40's but you can get 2 Force mufflers for less than the price of 1 flow super 40

    or you can go to for a real nice X-pipe header back system
  12. Cobra 232,
    Thanks for posting that info, could be a lot of help.
    I got a e-mail reply from the SLP guys and they pretty much told me that their loudmouth pipes just don't sound good on a V6. I guess that idea is out now.
    I guess maybe the GT system is the way to go for the price. I can't see spending $400+ to get her duals with a bit more sound. Yeah, I want to be the nice dad and all, but I can only reason it out so far.
    I should know this, the stock GT piping mandrel bent of squished like a cheap muffler shop would do it? I figure it is at least all SS, so that is nice from a durability standpoint. I think just adding some loud mufflers on later would work just fine. My main concern now is filling those ugly blank GT exhaust exits with some real pipe!
    You all have been a great help.
  13. the GT exhaust has more kinks in it than you can shake a stick at but it is fine for a stock V6 and much better than the stock V6 exhaust.

    the GT mufflers only measure 1.875" inside diameter on inlet and outlet. a muffler shop can cut them off and weld in the Force muffler i reccomended. it will sound real agressive with the GT pipes and force mufflers but it won't be over bearing. you will like that setup for sound and it will look like a GT from behind.

    the 1 bad thing with the stock GT takeoffs is the pipes like to split when expanded. tell a muffler shop to heat them with a torch first if they have to expand them alittle to fit the 2.25" force mufflers or what ever 2.25" mufflers you decide to go with.

    the GT mufflers don't sound bad they are just quieter. get the force mufflers your daughter will love you for it. she will be proud to show off her car to her friends with sound the Force mufflers will provide.

    SLP Loudmouths don't sound bad on the V6 but they are loud and will probably draw too much attention. they are pretty much just glasspacks

    here is a clip of another V6 stang with force mufflers
  14. Cobra,
    Thanks again for the great information. The sound link helped too. It does sound a bit "buzzy" in the link, but definitely a lot better than stock!!!
    I have a bit on E-bay for a GT takeoff set with only 20 miles on them. I hope to win the bid today.
    The problem with MPS is that they have something like a $40 handling fee PLUS freight shipping cost. Ouch, starts to add up. The E-bay ones are a flat $39 for shipping. I will see what we can get...should know by this evening.
    My daughter has always been a bit dissappointed ever since we brought the new 04 V6 home. She grew up listening to my 93 with a full MAC and Flowmaster setup and she just always wanted a loud, rumbling car. We just could not afford the insurance on a GT for her, so we got her the nice anniversary edition V6 with pony upgrade. Leather interior, etc... BUT it is an Automatic. She's not the best driver as it is, and we felt a 5-speed would just lead to more trouble. I now feel it is my responsibility to help her at least make her car cound a bit better? :shrug:
    The worst part is we just picked up a beat up 92 GT hatch for her younger brother, and sure enough, it came with an ORHP and flowmasters! :rolleyes:
    I think it torqued her off just a little. Even though she is 19 and my son is only 17, he is a lot better driver. She = 3 accidents, 4 tickets He = NONE, and none.
    Sorry about the family lesson plan, just wanted to say what i'm trying to do.
    Thanks again for all the help.
  15. yeah the sound clip is alittle buzzy at higher rpms but that will be any exhaust on the V6. those mufflers sound exactly like my flowmaster super 40's on my procharged 98

    to me the 3.8 sounds like and old Jaguar XKE setup for racing
  16. Well, I let the GT pipes slip on by. The price bidding was going up and up. It was nearing the price of a new Flowmaster Cat back system I was looking at. Right now I think I might try to win the bid for the new Flowmasters. Heck, that's what she originally wanted anyway. I have heard reports here that some don't like the sound of them on the V6's, but not sure. Still, I think she would LOVE it over her wimpy stock stuff anyway.
    Anyone comment on the flows?

    TIME OUT!!!!
    I just checked out E-bay and found this out.......
    I lost the bid, my max bid was $170 and the other bidder won it at $175 Poor guy...he had it at $139 until I tossed that one bid in?!
    BUT....there is a Re-listed button and it has the same item up for bidding WITH a buy it now tag for $144.00 Heck, now I can get it for even cheaper than before??!!

    I am most confused now...........Can we compare the GT and the Flowmaster systems?

    GT: stainless steel, kinked bending, 2 1/4" pipes with 3 1/2" exits almost new.
    Flows: aluminized, mandrel bends, 2 1/2" pipes with 3" exits. New.

    This would be a no-brainer if it were my old 5.0 or my son's 5.0, but I don't know squat about these buzzing V-6's. Could you guys please post your thoughts on these systems. I need to make the final decision/purchase by tomorrow, noon. I see such advantages to both. She wants loud, I want smart and durable.
    Please help me?!!??
  17. here ya go this guy posted this at mustang forums

    below is the direct link for the GT takeoffs

    buy now for $60 and all you need is the Pace setter adapter. hell you don't even need that. a muffler shop can cut the Y and fab up pipes to the GT takeoffs. you will need to scrap the GT mufflers. once they are cut off from the tails they are hard to put back on. just get the 2.25" force mufflers.

    you don't need an H-pipe anyways as they do nothing for power on an even fire 3.8 V6

    $60 for the takeoffs
    $60 for the Force 2.25" mufflers
    $100 to put it all together

    $220 and it will sound just like a flowmaster system

    GT takeoffs are OK for a stock or lightly modded V6. if you run a blower then you want the mandrel bent 2.5" exhaust
  18. OK, I get the picture now. The lightbulb finally came on! Thanks for posting the links. I'll get everything ordered and make her happy for Christmas! Sheesh, I didn't have this much trouble with things for my 93GT...can't believe I am intimidated by the little V6.
    I already have the Pacesetter pipe coming so we will go with that.
    You mentioned it is hard to put back GT mufflers that have been cut. Is it that they just don't line up well again?
    Thanks man, very big help.
  19. usually people cut the pipes off flush with the muffler and it is har to weld them back together

    like i said the GT mufflers don't sound that good anyways. get the force mufflers. you wont be sorry. that sound clip didn't do them justice. they sound much better in person
  20. OK, it's all ordered and done. No more fretting over this!
    GT take-off pipes, Pace-setter adapter, Force mufflers.
    I can't wait to see her face, this will be a great present for her.
    I also have some more billet stuff coming.
    Thanks for all the help, and Merry Christmas.