yet another exhaust thread

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  1. hey everyone...i'm about to run a true dual exhaust on my stang and i need to get opinions as to whether to run an "h" or "x" pipe and also what kind of exhaust to run...i'm looking for great sound and maybe a few added horses...i was going to run long tube headers but i hear they're hard to install cause the passenger ones bump or something...but if that's the case i'll probably run shorty's. Thanks for the help.
  2. :shrug:

    For the most part i'd go with exhaust systems for a GT, they're nicer and sound better than the ones made for V6'es. If you're going to run tru-duals then you can more or less get whatever you want (excpet for '03-'04 cobra exhaust). I like SLP products
  3. One problem with long tubes is they hang low. If you lower your car and put LTs on, don't go over bumps. In fact, watch out for speedbumps even if you don't lower it.
  4. dont waist money on LT's and if you need a good reason why give the guys at RPM a call theyer the BOMB on V6 info and whatnots<as in what not to do ;)
  5. Partshopper has some good deals too. $100 off Magnaflow Catback. If you want to free up the most power get an O/R X.
  6. ok, what exactly is the difference between the "off-road" version?
  7. No cat converters. If you have emmission laws you wont pass inspection. It frees up HP and makes the exhaust louder.
  8. Wait so, pretty much any GT exhaust will fit on a V6? So if I went and got a GT x-pipe with duals... from lets say Flowmaster, would it fit on my v6? with the gt hangers and etc.? or would I need to do some modifying?
    I have been having so much trouble finding catted x-pipes with true duals for my 02 v6... so if GT exhaust will fit then iight i'll get those, cuz they're more widely available too...
  9. A GT X-pipe (midpipe) will not fit a V6 without modification; pretty much any GT catback will fit on a V6 once you change the stock Y-pipe to a dual midpipe, either by having one fabricated from behind your stock cats or replacing your Y-pipe with a catted X-pipe.

    I saw that Mustang Tuning was temporarily out of stock on catted X-pipes, however or might have them.
  10. Yeah I got a couple catted X pipe sites, i think i'll just get a Pypes X, withsome other GT cat back... will all the hanger stuff fit right on the v6? or will I need to modify that stuff or get the v6 hangers?
  11. For the catback you will need a right side muffler hanger and two exhaust tip hangers. Consider getting a GT bumper cover also with the correct cutouts for the exhaust tips. Some '99-'04 V6's with dual exhaust conversions run the tips under the stock bumper cover; personally I don't like the appearance when they are done that way.