Yet Another Exhaust Thread

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Ferf, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. I am looking to purchase a new exhaust system within the next few days and would like some feedback. I can get the Flowmaster or Magnaflow stainless kit for about $380 delivered. For what it's worth, I am running a 347 in my '65 coupe.

    I would like to hear your comments on these kits and what you would recommend going with.
  2. I switched from flowmaster to a Magnaflow kit after I put in my 347, it sounds good (but not better then the flowmasters) but I liked the fact that it had an X-pipe and was stainless steel. One day after I do about a dozen other projects I will switch to Corsa Black mufflers.
  3. Will you be installing the exhaust yourself? If so, i can vouch for the flowmaster products, I have installed two of them with no issues whatsoever. I have never dealt with magnaflow, but have read that they make a fine product. Now if you are going to have someone install the exhaust for you, might I tempt to steer you in a different direction. I got a summit 2.5" kit for my 67 with turbo mufflers, it sounds good, not TOO loud and only cost me 200 bucks, plus my local shop charged me 60 bucks to put it in (I wanted it welded instead of clamped) but its fully mandrel bent and aluminized (not stainless, but i change exhausts like pants so i chose not to spend the money on aluminized) Anyway, im sure with either kit you chose you will be happy.
  4. I say anything but Flowmaster. I have had them before in more than one style and never again. The hollow tin can sound and the interior noise/drone is terrible. Also their tail pipes don't fit well at all. The Magnaflow kit is pretty nice. My friend had it on his last Mustang. He is talking about getting it for the Mustang he has now. Turbo style mufflers are nice too, but a bit mild. I prefer my Dynomax Ultraflo mufflers.
  5. My understanding is that the Flowmasters (chambered style) don't flow as well as Magnaflow. I plan to purchase Magnaflow in my next exhaust system. I've had Flowmasters on Fox Mustangs and I didn't love them, mostly due to the sound (drone). My last car had some ultraflow sst polished mufflers with an X pipe. I really liked that set up. Sounded really good, especially to the boards at about 4k+ RPM. I haven't researched mufflers a lot, though.
  6. I have the BBK headers coupled to Dynomax Ultraflo....LOVE THEM!
  7. run as fast as you can away from the flow(drone)master mufflers.

    i run magnaflow right now and i wish i had bought the dynomasters.

    one day i will learn.
  8. Love my flowmaster 40's, they definately turn heads before people even see the car coming. Yes they are droney, but I tolerate it. They sound downright nasty (in a good way) at 6000RPM
  9. I am sure they sound REAL nice if you are not in the car.:D
  10. I ended up going with the Magnaflow 2.5" stainless steel kit for car. I couldn't pass up the price of $370 shipped. I don't have the exhaust on the car yet so I am not sure how she will sound. I hope that I am happy with the purchase.

    I figure if I don't like the way it sounds then at a later date maybe I can swap out the mufflers for something else.

  11. Do you mind telling us where you're getting a SS magnaflow kit for 370 shipped? Is this the same one that's selling for $540 at summit/jegs?
  12. rebelchopper,
    Stangnet members get special discounts. In the past you would just send a PM to one of the moderators (I think it was "slappyo" not sure)but the links appear to have been changed. I would start by contacting Magnaflow or the powers that be, here at stangnet. At the time I bought the system for my 68, it was $425 to my door.

    User code "bestoffer4" during checkout to receive the discounted pricing.

    The shop also sells on Ebay using the Buy-It Now / Make an Offer option. If you make him an offer then he will counter-offer with his best price, which I believe is the same as the price as using the coupon code that I mentioned on his website.
  14. Flowmaster does have a deep tone, but still sounds hollow outside the car.