Yet another H.P. and E.T. thread

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  1. Mods to my car are, 306,gt-40p heads, cobra intake, e-cam, mass air conversion,1.6 roller rocker, headers, and 2 chamber 40 series flowmasters. Within the next few weeks I'm adding a 71mm mass air sensor, 65mm tb, 190 walbro fuel pump, adjustable regulator, and 3.73 gears. Do you guys see any problems with my combo, and if not what horsepower and E.T. do you see me having when its finshed. thanks for any replies.
  2. it has potential, but the heads are hurting. depends how well you can drive, low 13's probably. 250ish rwhp.
  3. sorry if this posted more than once my computer froze and I kept hitting the post button
  4. dont mean to interrupt this thread but what is the difference between the gt40p heads and the gt40x heads??
  5. not sure about the gt40xs but I am sure they have larger ports and slightly larger combustion chambers. GT40ps have a wierd sparkplug angle that limit the header selection...
  6. the heads are fine for the combo i think. i think its a high 12 sec car with GOOD driving.
  7. Xs are aluminum, with larger valves and a different spark plug angle as stated.

    Xs are better than Ps for the most part, but that combo up top should be a 250-260 rwhp motor and on a tire could go 12s!
  8. would Xs assure 12s?
  9. Nothing can assure anything, but would weigh less and should make more power all else equal.
  10. why is everybody saying 250rwhp ? with that combo should be good for at least 280rwhp or 300fwhp and, go mid to high 12's. I have seen a GT40 headed stang come close to 300rwhp on a dyno it had a b303 and cobra intake. There was a few issues of mm&ff that had a 85'capri they got 255rwhp just with cam/intake/carb it had stock E7's
  11. 12's sound really good to me. once I get it done I guess I'll pick up a short throw and some drag radials and head to the track. I'll post my times on here if they aren't too embarrassing
  12. You give low numbers so people arent disppointed when they get the real numbers. Id rather low ball it then tell them 300 rwhp and the guy throws down 260...

    We also own a GT40P headed car with a stock cam, and a Cobra intake, it threw down 295 rwhp in 95 degree humid weather. My E7 car put down 272 also! :nice:
  13. mid to high 12's... depends on driver and traction :D