Yet another header question

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  1. I just picked up a set of old but never installed headers for a 302. The guy I bought them from "said" they were for his '76 Cobra that he never completed (I purchased his mint hood with scoop :) ). These are not stamped "046" as I hoped but rather "042". The passenger side appears identical to pictures of II headers I've seen but the driver's side is different.

    Anyone have an old application listing for Blackjack headers? Unfortunately my digicam is pooched or I'd show a pic.

  2. Any "old timers" out there? (like me :D)

    I called Dynomax's tech support and even they were stumped, they pulled an "old" catalog (early '90s :rolleyes: ) and "042" was skipped over? I really don't want to pull a motor to see if they will fit :(


  3. Turbo II,

    If I remember right, its the passenger side header on the 302 MII that is unique. I've talked to a lot of folks that said the driver's exhaust manifold and header was similar to other 302 Mustangs.

    I can get you pics and measurements of my driver-side Hooker Super Comp, but I don't have the DynoMax/Blackjack or any old catalogs.
  4. Hey bro i have a set of Blackjacks, we can compare them or test fit them in my emty 77 mach. call me if ya like.
  5. Hey thanks guys!

    Steve, I'll take you up on that one of these days soon. Next time I'm heading in to the city I'll give you a shout. Which weekends are you racing the Cobra or are you strictly focusing on the Turbo car?

  6. Well if it was only dry on a race weekend lol, i may be out for a 1/2 season,the 4 banger is a fun car to drive and so easy on fuel haha!