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    I just bought a set of projector headlights off of ebay View attachment 489860
    problem is the paper work says you connect the black line to the negative electrode of the park/signal/side marker and connect the red line to the posistive electrode of the park/signal/side marker lamp.

    each light wire harness has 2x Red 1x Black and 1x White on each harness.
    obviously the two red go to + and black to - but, do I assume white goes to - ? the seller hasnt emailed me back.
  2. well the 9007 harnesses only have two wires so im not sure what you would do there doesnt make much sence to me?
  3. [​IMG]

    two circles one that plugs directly in to original OEM light harness other contains 4 wires in question.
  4. TTT
    back to 1st page someone here has installed them
  5. thanks for all the help.... not

    Anyways the red/black wire is for the halo ring.
    The red/white is for left white small bulb. white is ground as ive answered my own question.

  6. those arent like anything i've seen before...looks shweeet man. :nice:
  7. How did they fit?? I've read that some people have problems with the fitment. . .
  8. the fitment suxs at first using the supplied hardware doesnt work well. However I removed the plastic push pins and replaced them with nuts and washers now they fit like a glove its totally beyond me why they supplied those OEM push clips they just can suck enough.

    They fit great now I wired the halo ring and inner small light to a new fog light switch i added where the coin holder used to be now I have two fog light switches next to each other that are OEM inside the car.
    The real headlights and maker lights are all on the factory harnesses and work just as before...
    LOOKS bad ass around dusk just driving around with the halo rings on :nice:
  9. BTW anyone know how to make your fog lights come on without the headlights how can it be easily modded?