Yet another intake question.

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by CManT1914, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. Ok, I searched, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I am looking for a new intake, and have narrowed it down to either the Edelbrock Performer 5.0, or the Trick Flow Street intake. I know the Performer is supposed to add 37 hp, is that flywheel, or rear-wheel? Another thing, how does the Street compare to the Performer? Does anybody know how much it is supposed to add? The TFS is also noticeably cheaper ($100)

    I want to set-up my engine for low-end power, but I wouldn't mind some more top-end. Do these two help and at all around 4500+? I also don't want to have to do heads and a cam soon, so I'm going with these which are supposed to work well with the stock ones.

    So let me know your thoughts on these. Thanks

    - Chris
  2. Are you seriuos??? an intake is supposed to add 37hp???? damn, I need to get one then!!! Hey someone provide some info PLEASE!!!! :D
  3. YEA!!! The Edelbrock Performer 5.0 intake adds 37 HP to a STOCK 5.0! Even if that is flywheel, that is awesome! That's why I was wondering about the TFS, cus I don't feel like shelling out $500 for the Performer.
  4. Not a cold air intake by the way. An intake manifold.
  5. idk how much power it really added but i am VERY happy with my performer would be a nice addition th your car...and yes the car will pull MUCH better 4500+

  6. That's good to know, but is there anybody with the Trick Flow intake?
  7. If you're looking for low-end out of those two, then you should go with the Performer. The small, high-flowing runners offer great velocity. The Trick Flow has a similar/identicle runner length but they are much bigger which loses velocity. The only comparison that I have is between my car and a fox 5.0 with identicle mods with the only difference being the intake. Be a better comparison if we switched the intakes back and forth, but it's kind of impractical. My power improved right off idle and became a lot punchier all around. His car, with the TFS, didn't change at all from stock below 3,000 RPM (i.e. no torque or throttle response loss-just no gain) At around 3,000, it would come alive.
  8. WOW, just an intake does this, NICE! I knew mustangs make power fairly easy, so I guess this is an example. I'll have to look into getting one. But is this hp rwhp or at the crank???
  9. i hate to be the spoil sport on the 37hp gain but that gain was given when mmff magazine installed a supercharger on a stock 5.0 and then they changed the stock manifold for an edelbrock intake and picked up 37hp. otherwise the performer added 12hp to the wheels on a stock motor.