Yet Another IUP Question!

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  1. Okay, as if there isn't enough posted on this forum about the IUP....I looked at the thread posted on the other site and while it's certainly full of information (much of it about as intelligible as a typical legal document for a novice like me) here's my question: I ordered my manual Redfire V-6 w/IUP on Nov. 8 and I have a theoretical build date of 1/24. How, if at all, will the apparent IUP shortage effect that date? Not that there's a damn thing I can do about any of this but the wait is killing me. I'd probably be better off not knowing about any details and just sitting tight until my dealer calls.
  2. Unfortunately from what I have read your car, like my GT ordered Oct. 30th, will be delayed until at least February to be built. Trust me, I feel your frustrating
  3. I ordered a Must GT on 10-18 Scheduled build and no delays or changes in build time. Delivered 12-18.

    If you ordered yours in OCT. why don't you have it by now?
  4. :bs:
    It depends on your dealers allocation and number of orders. You should know that!
  5. 05 ordered nov 16, build date of 1/10

    My build date as of December 16th is the week of January 10th, does anyone know how long after the build week it takes to deliver the car? I am in Vegas. I ordered the IUP and have heard nothing about it being short supply. Anyone had their build date changed when you call the automated order status line? Mine- as of today stands at build week of 1/10/05
  6. if you already have a build date you should be fine. Those of us who are unlucky enough not to have one, have been changed to "compatibility error"
  7. being a newbie here I would love to know the # for the automated order status line thanks ordered mine 12/14
  8. number....


    you need:

    Dealer code (upper right of order sheet)
    body type (GT is T82)
    model year (2005)
    order number (if it says 9999, then call your dealer to get the order number)