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  1. Please define; Calibration vs Strategy.

    The Calibration file is the .bin file?

    The Strategy does not have to match your computer code?
    For example, I can use an A9L strategy in my X3Z Calibration?

    How do you decide which Strategy to use?

    What is the difference between the Calibration and Strategy? It seems they could be the same file? What info is contained in each?

    My Tweecer version and computer are in my sig.
    Sorry to ask such lame questions, but it probably won't be the last time :)
    I have the Tweecer equipment, but my ebay laptop has not arrived yet :bang:

    Thanks alot for all the help,
  2. The calibration needs to be used within the same startegy family, otherwise you get bad parameters. You can test it out using just the caledit software and see the crazy numbers that result.
  3. Jason

    When you see .bin that is usually the file from the pcm

    When you see .cal that is usually the file from your Tweecer or the tune

    PCM year dates and strategies and cal file

    1988-1993 Mustang = GUFB Strategy = A9L, A3M, A3M1, X3Z, S0Z
    1994-1995 Mustang = CBAZA Strategy = T4M0, U4P0, W4H0, J4J1, ZAO

    You be a 1990 Fox kinda guy so you fall in the top example :D

    I'm a 1995 CBAZA kinda guy.

    My experience has all been with my car so my Fox knowledge is not much.

    I can say you may be able to use more than one of the first files but you could never ues any of the second files as they are not from the same family.

    Not a lot of help I know but the answers can definitely be found here.


  4. Have I just been labeled as "One of those guys"? :p

    That was great explanation guys; it has been printed and inserted into my tweecer notebook. :nice:


  5. To me, you are "one of those guys" I can only give basic help to.

    If you had a 94 or 95 my help could be more detailed or specific.

    You got it Lucky :banana:

    For every post you find on the Tweecer sites, the bulk of them are all about Fox.

    You could be a step child with red hair like the rest of us :rlaugh: