yet another mustang gone.

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  1. Well I am going to be stangless untill next spring. My Wife is finishing up her last year of nursing school and without her income it has become to hard to keep the stang. A good friend of mine bought the car and I will still be working on it. After she is done in the spring we will be buying a 08 GT 5-speed, we are still debating the color.. I want alloy she wants grabber orange..

    Well I will be driving a taurus untill next june :(
  2. GO is a hot color.
  3. :eek:

    You can't go wrong with either, but i'd stick with Grabber Orange :D
  4. GO looks like ****. Go for something else.

    Sad to see this happen, but I'm glad you got plans for the future.
  5. I have not seen a grabber orange in real life. but she really has her heart set on grabber orange with a 5 speed, black leather with the gt apearence package and IUP

    I want the same but in alloy
  6. Atleast you won't be in a struggle attempting to afford the car. You can always get another when you are able :nice:
  7. thats irionic that u should say that :jester:

    (i know theyre different colors but its still orange!)

    sad to see another part with their joy, but ull be back in the game soon! :nice:
  8. it's practically not Orange, honestly. in a very low light setting, it may appear so. however, in natural light, it is closer to yellow. the color works on the saleen thingy (from what I've seen online), but I saw quite a few new Stangs in GO and really didn't think that it was a good color at all. Calypso Corral ftw! :drool:

    a pic (and you can see a yellow stang in the back).


    and real Orange Stangs! :D


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  9. Perception is reality.
  10. pffft...u linked us to the v6 section? isnt there a rule against that? :p
  11. Congratulations, Captain Obvious.

    Yeah, this one looks yellow. :rolleyes:

    Evidently, the concept of shaded hues escapes some.
  12. wow mike. Sorry to hear your losin the stang. Glad to see you're supportin the wife and you two are gettin a new stang in the spring. I think it will be worth the wait, but you're a better man than me :D I couldn't go stangless!!!
  13. ;] Get a 1996 Mystic and do side exhaust and lower..

    man its sexy.

    GL on the future 08 GT
  14. i dont care if u call it **** on a stick brown it looks f*kin awesome:Zip2:

  15. overcast, mr. IainttellingyouwhereIlive

  16. Well at this point it made no sense to keep it.. The summer is over, and we are 100 percent certain we are getting a 08 next year so to us it smart not to pay payments to have a stang sit around all winter. Next spring we will go from a household income of roughly 70k now with just me working to 130k-140k with her working

    At first I was going to get a fox body and buy a new explorer or somthing but she came up with the 08 gt idea and it did not take much to get me to go along with it :D

    Funny thing is I will still get to drive it sometimes when I work on it.
  17. ewwww....08 stang :puke:

    by then, you should be able to get a hold of an 04 Cobra for a great price ;)
  18. And spray it, right? :D