yet another mustang gone.

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  1. I think Ford just got a deal on left over school bus paint. That Orange/Yellow is hideous. Then again Ford is using nasty windvail blue and legend lime. So it fits with the ugly colors of 05+.


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  2. :( Sad to hear you had to give your car up, but happy for you that you have a new one to look forward to. I've seen a few of the GO stangs in person, and think it's kind of a washed out orange, didn't like it much.
  3. sucks..

    good luck mike :nice:
  4. Well, too bad to see you part w/ the stang, but it's good that you have plans to get one in the near future :nice:
  5. Cruising across Iowa in a yellow-hued '08 would certainly be something 4u2nv
  6. I'd rock one, for sure. :)

    They look red in this image you shared.

    So again, perception is reality.

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  7. "The camera does not lie"

    Therefore, what the camera shows must indeed be an unbiased representation of reality, above any sort of subjective interpretation. Ponder that, ye deep thinkers...
  8. Cameras may not lie, but Photoshop, et al, can sequester the truth quickly.
  9. MUTAG = sequesterer of the truth
  10. like Jenn said, grabber yellow :D
  11. She conceded. :p

  12. I get great deals on new fords. I really like the new body style myself plus if you drive a 05+ car you will instantly feel how much more refined the 05+ is.

    I would consider a 03-04 cobra but I really don't want to pay 25k+ for a 3 year old car.. Plus Then I would have to swap rear suspensions because I hate the independant.

    The only thing we are really hung up on is the color.. I want alloy she wants grabber orange.. the only color we both really like is black and I don't want to deal with the upkeep to keep a black car looking good.
  13. how much do you like the GO and how much does she like the alloy?
  14. Get one in Sonic Blue
  15. maybe you could cut a deal? Agree to grabber orange if she lets you have your way w/ modding it.. something along those lines
  16. get black and put in the extra effort to keep it clean, lazy ass! :mad: