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  1. Hmmm, have to wonder if this is yet another scam or if there is some legitimacy to the lister's claim, however remote it may be:

    If this is indeed a real '86 Saleen, why would anyone remove all of the Saleen specific exterior components to "update" it to a later model Fox appearance? Not to mention that there appears to be absolutely nothing left of any Saleen installed components such as the interior, wheels, etc.

    That console ID plate means nothing as it could have been swapped from the real car & installed onto this one. There is no photo of the engine compartment ID plate so I would suspect this is a scam or at the very least a cobbled together FrankenSaleen that is so far gone as not to be worth a restoration.
  2. Definitely questionable. I guess one could run the VIN and get more detail. They did a nice job on the 87-93 console install!

    Built on a GT chassis? wtf.....
  3. It is real. The car was for sale on eBay two years ago on eBay and I ask several questions to the seller because my '85 is #49 and this is '86 #49.

    The interior is all correct except the console (easy swap). There never was a under hood Saleen ID plate on a '85 or '86 Saleen. The Ford VIN matches the Saleen Book and the car was an original cruise control option so the Momo steering wheel was not used. The Registry notes do stste that the car was verified in 1995, so looks like the conversion to aero may have been done before then. There is no comments on this car being built on a GT chassis but during the Burch Ford days it was possible Saleen picked this car off the lot to fill the order before the car was shipped from Michigan. I agree that restoration would be an expensive process and would end up with probably double the cars true value.

    The current owner ownes about 10 other Saleens mostly '85 and '86 cars. The sellers father owned one of the General Tire Saleen "R" models is the reason for the paint on the last picture. All his cars have been documented for the current 4 eye Saleen Registry that is the works. Here are a few pics of a couple other cars.


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  4. If it is indeed an 86 model Saleen it wouldn't have an engine compartment ID plate. They didn't start that until 1987 I thought.
  5. Geez, what's with people chopping these cars up lately
  6. I wonder if anyone is attempting to keep track of ALL foxbody Saleen mustangs either from data like this or possibly DMV records. If there was some concrete data that showed that a certain number of foxbody Saleen Mustangs have been lost it would help value of the existing cars for sure.

    Something along the lines of what the Shelby guys have done. Those guys know who has what, what's been wrecked and what got stolen and never recovered and so on. They are really on it.

    I bet we would be suprised how many cars are in a state like this poor soul or gone forever. It would be interesting.
  7. This car has been on the Portland Craigslist for the last couple of weeks, I was surprised to see it on e-bay.
    Looks like it could use some work!

  9. If anyone on here buys it I have an 86 NOS Saleen front splitter and rear valance!!! Mark