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  1. But I need guidence, I am going into to many different directions. So I need someone to slap me straight. I already have jlt cai & xcal2 from brenspeed. So I was thinking 4.10's, or maybe o/r x. How about some pulleys? What kinda gains if any on these? I had done them on my 01 gt and never really felt that much of a difference. Anything else I may be missing? I am trying to stay away from apperance for right now, because I want my car pretty much (or atleast near) complete motor wise before I start attracting attention to myself. Lets hear what you got to say.
  2. Most noticeable gain would be from the 4.10s, though easily the most expensive of the 3. The O/R X and pullies might net the same power increase, so like you said wasn't that noticeable in your '01. The delete plates for the intake are right at $100 and net about same increase as the X or the pullies(you already have the tuner for the reflash). Have you thought about the one piece driveshaft? I read on here that it gives more noticeable gain than the 4.10s even. Less weight and rotational mass to get moving on the start.

  3. How much does that run and where would be a good place to look into for pricing?
  4. Deletes and/or pulleys.
  5. Did anyone read that page on the first link. The last sentence of the paragraph in bold. Does not fit GT or V6. LMAO. So what does it fit? I mean for 6 Bills you might want it to fit.
  6. I installed the delete plates this morning and yesterday I had 3.73's installed.

    Definitely a difference but its a little hard to tell for me right now. It's been raining all day today and all week long I've been in my other car, so I can't tell a difference by a huge margin just yet...

  7. Yeah thats a little steep. I think I might just do 4.10's, pulleys and o/r x at the same time. I should see some nice gains there. :shrug: