Yet Another Noise...

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by maximos, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Ever since I had my rearend installed, my car has been making this random metal-on-metal squeal sound coming from the rear passenger-side wheel area. There isn't any one thing that will cause the sound to happen, but I have noticed that it will do it if I floor it, and when I go up the incline into my driveway slowly(sometimes). I was thinking it might be a rotor issue, or maybe the e-brake cable is too tight causing it to be slightly engaged all the time. I should point out that just over a year ago the pads were replaced and the rotors were resurfaced. Your thoughts?
  2. Check the rotor for grooves, every once in awhile I do this just to be sure.
    Also retorque the bolts! When someone other than me is working on my car rarely but still I will always make sure that I go over everything myself just So I don't feel bad if something happens, its not their fault. But its good to make sure!
  3. Sometimes the backing plates rub on the rotors after a rear end swap or brake job!
  4. Check all the upper and lower control arm bolts and make sure they are TIGHT. I had a really annoying squeek noise that appeared a few weeks after I had done alot of rear-end work, and turned-out to be an upper control arm to chassis bolt that had worked its way a bit loose. Took me over a month to figure it out too :bang: