Yet another power window question...pls help

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  1. Ok all 9 pages of the old postings and can't figure this one out. I am getting power to both power window switches on my 93 Coupe. Also see where current is going out of the switches when I depress them...yet NEITHER window will move at all. I looked at all of the posted wiring diagrams and none of them show any specific circuit breaker (only shows schematics leaving the fuse box). I keep reading about some Safety Relay Switch...but are those just for convertibles? I put a test light on the silver rectangle box off the starter selenoid and got juice on both ends???? Windows worked a few weeks ago....cant figure it out. ANY AND ALL HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.
  2. disredard all! Found the problem to be a bad ground?? Went to start car, got a click. Disconnected battery, tightened terminals down...all worked. Have battery mounted in trunk. thinking I need to add a few grounds..???