Yet another problem

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 885.0conv, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. I finally got my 88 lx running when I was out yesterday and at the light I stepped on the gas and the car would not move. Finally the car kicked into gear and started moving. I noticed it only does this sometimes but it is become more frequently. I was wondering if it maybe the tranny or in the rear end. I am going to put in 4.10 gears shortly and if it is the rear end I will just baby it until then.
  2. I gather this is an automatic? Checked tranny fluid lvl? I doubt this is a rear end issue.
  3. that definatly sounds lieka fluid level problem or a clogged filter? have you ever serviced the filter or is it stock? might want to start simple on this. but as 86bluecobra stated it is not a rear end problem.

    on the other hand if it is a manual its probably the clutch.
  4. Just put in new tc so it is probably fluid. I put in 6 quarts and the level was good, thought it was enough but will check tomorrow. The fluid probably made its way through and causing the rest to be low.
  5. well 3 of them are now in your convertor, it takes alot. thats more than likely the problem. and i would advise NOT driving the car until you get it filled properly.

    you know to check it at idle in nuetral right? that allows the pump still function but the car not to move. if its in park the pump isnt opperating and if the car is off well.. same concept no pump action.
  6. Yeah, about the checking, I didn't drop the pan because the filter was changed about 3K miles ago along with new fluid. I had to changed the rear main seal so I went ahead and put in a new tc. So what should the capacity of the whole tranny be? I thought it was about 12 quarts.
  7. well if the filter was changed that long ago i doubt its the culprit. just check fluids and ride :nice:
  8. Low fluid or TV cable is out of adjustment.

    Check them both.
  9. I just had to cable adjusted at the shop (since they have the pressure gauge). I checked the fluid and it was fine. The other thing is the tc is high stall (2000-2600) could it be that because I am lightly pressing on the throttle that it takes a sec for the converter to catch. The reason is because when I step on it hard it goes fine its just when I tap it that it does it.
  10. Not trying to be rude, but this is why its good to have all of your mods and specifics about your car in your sig. or at least tell us in the post. of course it will take a high stall convertor a second to grab thats the whole point of a stall convertor. so you can bring your rpm's up for a better launch.

    I still cannot stress enough on checking the fluid the proper way. ive seen a few AOD's bite the dust because the fuid was improperly checked.