Yet another question about DR's

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Andres2882, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Sorry to bring up this tired thread by I'd like some opinions.

    I plan on buying a second set of rims for some drag radials and want to know if there will be any substantial difference in traction from a 15" to 16"? I run 17" tires normally so of course I'd prefer the 16" unless there'd be a substantial difference in a 12 sec car?

    Also, from what I gather searching the boards, the BFG DR is the best in terms of hooking, while the Nitto 555r's are not quite as good in the hooking but longer lasting. Right?

    Lastly, I currently have Falken ZR17's out back, which hook for *****e. Seeing as they are my daily driver tires, anything better out there, balancing hooking with daily driving (ie wet roads and longevity)?
  2. bfgs run out very fast compared to nitto's - go with nitto's they're even good in the rain! I never had a problem, but when my bfg's wore out fast and rain sucked I was unhappy :(
  3. BFG's and the new Mickey T's are supposed to hook better than nitto but i have been running nitto's since they came out and can usually get 2 summers out of them.Regardless of the fact they dont hook as well as the others they are LIGHT YEARS ahead of regular radials,I can powershift into 2nd and hit the spray and they barely spin (200 shot) if I pulled that stunt with regular tires I would be bouncing of my rev limiter bigtime.I could barely use the spray in 3rd gear with reg tires.....

    Go Nitto.
  4. The BFG's and M/T's are far better then the Nittos, both of those tires have been the 7's (1/4 mile time)

    I would get a good drag rim (WELDS, Bogarts, Etc...) 15" x 8"

    G-Force T/A Drag Radial Tire
    Tread Pattern 2

    Tire Section Width on
    Measuring Wheel Width*: 11.3'' on 8.5'' Wheel Tire Overall Diameter: 26.1''
    New Tire Roll Out/Circumference: 82.0''
    Tire Tread Depth(in/32nds): 5.5''
    Wheel Diameter: 15''
    Required Wheel Width: 7.5'' - 9.5''

    onefastlx- Any tire with a 200 shot should break loose on the street, most will even break loose on the strip, or your not getting as much N2O as you think. N2O makes peak torque low, so it hits the tires hard I just don't buy it. I had 340RWHP NA and could break loose a 26" x 12.5" Sportsman Pro on the street and they would get hot and very sticky, with a 175 shot I made 500RWHP+/740fttq to the wheels, no tire would hold.
  5. You will have a better selection of tires with a 15 inch rim.I have nittos and the better then my sumotomos on the street,wet and dry!! If your just gonna put them on to go to the track,Hoosier Quick Time Pro's are the [email protected] :nice: Not one ounce of wheel spin,I have 50 passes on them and there still in great shape :nice:
  6. In first gear yest they would spin like crazy,even on motor I still cant launch properly with nittos but once Im moving in 2nd I can hit it and they will spin somewhat but nowhere near how a regular tire would.For full out drag racing I have no doubt the other two tire options would be better but for a street car like mine nittos are the best.There is no way Im making 500RWHP even with spray though!!! no wonder you couldnt hook up dude Im nowhere near that power level,I MIGHT make 530-550 at the crank.Thats a pretty big difference...