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  1. Ok ive came across some port and polished e7 heads, been milled and have a 3 angle valve job, .600 lift springs, 63 cc chambers i think. The car they are comin off of ran a 12.6 @ 106 wit f cam. Just wonder wat kinda power id be makin wit them heads f cam and my stock intake ported by tmoss. Also will i need different injectors and stuff for such a mild hci. just wonderin. Wantin to do some improvements jus dont know what yet. OO yea, one of my friends works at Triple AAA garage, and he said if i help he will put everything in for 100 bucks. So i dont really care to do the heads now and have to redue them later. thx
  2. How much power? I'd guess around 240-260 RWHP using a stock intake. You could use stock injectors since you're definitely not going to be in the range of needing new ones with those heads.
  3. so the way my car sits now if i did that stuff it be round 240-260 rwhp, soudns pretty good to me. Ill still do some other stuff, im wantin longtubes and few other things, just figurd id do that right now
  4. :jaw: that car must have been either light as hell or hooked like a pirate
  5. im askin him wat his 60ft times and stuff is, but the car is street driven has all the interior left in and stuff. im lookin to get into mid 13s wit this setup, maybe lil lower. i gotta 13.8 wit my stuff and a 50 shot, but i couldnt cut a good 60ft, i think my best was a 2.25 or so. and the bottle pressure was at 900 and that was without spinin tires or nothin, just pullin up and taken off. lol. kinda wierd but witout nitrous i can cut 2.07 60ft but when i add nitrous best i can get is a 2.25. I think my problem is i got a new clutch and aint as good at takin off wit it yet, i cant slip it like my old one it just grabs, gotta get used to that.
  6. I am more concerned about using somebody's 1/4 mile track times to make a judgment call on performance than I am with a dyno pull.

    Especially if you don't got 60 foot times.

    You just don't know anything about their 1/4 mile driver skills so the margin of error could be quite large.

    Those ported heads ...........
    Did the guy doing the porting know what he was doing?

    I can say if they were done correctly ..........
    They should outflow gt40's or gt40p's

    I'd contact Tom and get his thoughts on your plan.

    I'd have to say like Matt above ... around 250rwhp + or -

    I'd move up to 24's
    pump up the pressure on those little 19's

    One last thought for you from .......
    one who done what you are now considering to do

    If you think you are gonna be bitten hard by the Horse Power bug

    Don't waste your time & $ with the OEM parts :nono:

    Go straight to aftermarket stuff :nice:

    Go for the Flow by spending the Dough :rlaugh: