Yet another race question.

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  1. Hey guys, a co worker of mine just bought an 04 Ram SRT10. It's all stock with 8500 miles, and I was wondering how we would compare in a drag race. I haven't had the chance to actually drive it but I rode in it. I have to say that when it gets traction, it pulls pretty hard. I'm sure he could beat me, maybe not quite AS badly at higher speeds though. What do you guys think?

  2. yea he would.......i think those things come with 500 hp stock?
  3. Yeah they are 500hp stock, no idea what they weigh. Has anyone heard any real world 1/4 times with these trucks?
  4. they run low 13s outta the box. you run low 14s.
  5. It would be close but he would. He'd beat you by maybe 1-2 cars. Stock GT's run 14.8-15 at my track. Two SRT-10's came out a few weeks ago and thought they could hang with a supercharged Vette :nonono: , They were running 14.6-15 all night. You would have a very close race. If he blows the tires away off the line you may be ok.
  6. honestly i think you have a chance if he 1) dosent know how to dirve it 2) spins off the line 3)what i just mentioned on 1 and 2
  7. They run hard, he will beat you if he gets traction. Thats an issue in those things though, no weight over the rear and 500hp and matching tourqe.
  8. Haven't race any of them. Keep in mind though, it is a pickup and if he gives too much gas he'll kill the tires because of "low bed" weight